FDA limiting freedom of speech

Wow.  Like the article says, this is just bizarre.

We’re discussing this on group, and the implications are pretty serious when you consider that one growing organic food cannot state that it is superior to Genetically modified organisms (GMO) that are not food, at all.  Not in the traditional sense of nutrition for the body that nature intended.

Incredibly, on this link, the FDA is also trying to stifle free speech on any supplements claiming to help inflammation.

Given that GMO’s, which are not recognized by the body and are suspected of causing inflammation in the gut…it’s just mindboggling that something that would help people with inflammation is now subject to being muzzled.  A person will not be able to find out easily what could help their inflammation.

I smell Big Pharma’s hand in this.  With inflammation from GMO’s, they could make boatloads of money for a “cure”.  Sociopaths.


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