Thanksgiving: Part of “Broken Circle” Holidays

Dr. War Jack’s words tell of the Native American approach to life–being consciously grateful for everything and accepting differences in other cultures.
This morning, as I took my bath, I thanked the Creator for the water to bathe in, the heater that makes it warm, the epsom salts, baking soda, and vinegar from the Earth to help me detox; for the baking soda, cinnamon, and cloves to brush my teeth with, the olive trees that grew the olives that made the oil that helped make the soap I used to wash my body with.
I was thankful for the cotton that made the washcloth and towels. And on…
It’s not a passive existence, but an active mindset that engages with the moment and what is going on around one. It’s a constant connection with the Creator through all of nature and all that nature gives us.

Warrior Publications

American Indians gather on Alcatraz Island at Indigenous Peoples Sunrise Ceremony on Thursday, November 27, 2014. Native News Online photo by Arthur Jacobs. American Indians gather on Alcatraz Island at Indigenous Peoples Sunrise Ceremony on Thursday, November 27, 2014. Native News Online photo by Arthur Jacobs.

by Dr. LaNada War Jack, Native News Online, Nov 27, 2014

Traditional American Thanksgiving acknowledges a feast shared between Pilgrims and Indigenous Native people. We know our people assisted with the early immigration process of those people arriving from Europe because they were pitiful, hungry and starving. We were kind and loving people who helped them. However, once they got a foothold, they tried to completely extinguish us, stole our lands and now we are supposed to be thankful. This runs similar to the “Redskin” mascot Issue or the “Columbus Day” celebration of genocide. Today, we are supposed to celebrate Thanksgiving, which is part of the  “Broken Circle” corporate holidays.

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How Comcast and HP are corrupting elections in America

How to get elected time and time again even though you don’t represent the American public’s wishes…

Be sure to click on the Comcast customer service phone call link…very telling of how bad customer service has become.  And how this and other Too Big to Fail telecommunications companies are not serving the public.  Consolidation does not serve the public, but the shareholders  and CEOs of mammoth companies.


I am grateful because this year, I get to feed the birds during winter.  I haven’t been able to do that since leaving my home.  I kept the cedar bird feeder in my trunk all this time in hopes of being able to do it again.  I’ve seen the usual:  cardinals, blue jays, sparrows, tufted titmouse (song here), nuthatch, I haven’t seen the black cap chickadee nor the junco that I used to see at my house.  Watching the birds is the best winter therapy — no pills needed.

I made my gluten free pumpkin pie last night with Bob’s Red Mill rice flour pie recipe.  No, I don’t get any kickbacks from the company…I just really like the way the crust tastes with the pumpkin.  Better than wheat!

I thought I was going to escape the holiday blues this year…but alas…

And to the Native Americans, who see this holiday as a day of mourning…all is not lost.

Hope you have a full tummy and friends/family around today.  Bless those that don’t.

Winnipeg man charged with sexually assaulting underage boys

And it’s not just the women who this is happening to….

Global News

WINNIPEG – Police have made an arrest in a sexual assault case that dates back to 1998.

A dentist is facing charges for allegedly sexually assaulting five teenage boys.

Police say the offences happened between 1998 to 2014 and that all of the victims were under the age of 16.

There has no word yet if any of the boys were patients of the accused dentist.

68-year-old Ronald Walter Peterson is facing five sexual assault charges. He was released on a promise to appear.

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…and the rape culture continues…University of Virginia tries to hide its ugly secrets…

Story here.  And it must be stressed that it’s not just the universities in the news–it’s a cultural thing that is manifesting in the youth.

The report mentions “Take Back the NIght” — when I was on Purdue’ s campus, there were frat boys shouting derogatory comments at the TBTN marchers.

From the article:

“Hey, Jackie,” Drew said, startling her. “Are you ignoring me?” She’d switched her shift in the hopes of never seeing him again. Since the Phi Kappa Psi party, she’d barely left her dorm room, fearful of glimpsing one of her attackers. Jackie stared at Drew, unable to speak. “I wanted to thank you for the other night,” Drew said. “I had a great time.”

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“I had a great time.”

Un-freaking-believable.  The definition of a sociopath right there–a callous disregard for the hurt and pain one causes to others and ignoring their suffering.

And Jackie’s *cough* friends were unfortunately on the same level of thinking as the frat boys, asking her why she just didn’t lay back and enjoy it.

I wonder–do men who rape look at a picture of a woman/girl and see her undressed–even though she is not dressed in revealing clothing?

…psychologist David Lisak discovered, lurk undetected predators. Lisak’s 2002 groundbreaking study of more than 1,800 college men found that roughly nine out of 10 rapes are committed by serial offenders, who are responsible for an astonishing average of six rapes each.

None of the offenders in Lisak’s study had ever been reported. Lisak’s findings upended general presumptions about campus sexual assault: It implied that most incidents are not bumbling, he-said-she-said miscommunications, but rather deliberate crimes by serial sex offenders.

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This just makes me sick.  The truth is that these men are serial rapists, not frat boys looking for a good time who got carried away.  It was a deliberate act of a predator.