Rochester, NY, Parents: Say No to a Charter Founded by a Con Man

“I couldn’t graduate from regular school because I’m just too, too advanced…” Perhaps he had an undiagnosed ADD condition and couldn’t focus long enough to learn anything. Or perhaps he’s just an outright huckster. Whatever the reason, he has not shown a good reason to be in charge of educating children. If I were a parent in that school system, I would be protesting this decision.

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Dear Parents of Rochester, New York:

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) and the New York State Board of Regents have approved a charter school to be opened in your community in September 2015: The Greater Works Charter School (GWCS).

GWCS lead applicant Ted J. Morris, Jr.– the man chiefly promoting the project– has been found multiple times over to be a fraud.

ted j morris jr

He lied about his high school graduation from Rochester’s School Without Walls.

He lied about graduating with a bachelors degree from Western Governors University.

He lied about attending and graduating with a masters and doctorate from Concordia University Chicago.

He lied about graduating with a doctorate from Grand Canyon University.

And watch here to see Morris lying in person on Rochester television.

In the Democrat and Chronicle, Morris described himself as being “too advanced” for the traditional classroom:

“I remember being in school and feeling I was…

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