Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price (2005)

As much as I have been made aware of Walmart’s unethical behavior, I still learned something today about the true impact on our wages, our independence, their welfare status of avoiding taxes in the billions. I avoid them like the plague, but as we saw in the video, my choices to buy elsewhere are limited by the other stores still in existence and there are times when I have no choice (like when the Kroger water filter machine breaks down for the umpteenth time). We had another long time store closing its doors in this small town’s downtown area just this month. They were the last of their breed with the higher quality clothing. I especially value higher quality goods because they last–which means less going to landfills; they wear better (a sewer especially appreciates well-constructed clothing–a talent that I am afraid will be lost in the coming generations). And when one sees the impact around the world–with the workers in China and India — one sees how truly destructive Walmart is–we have to take that into consideration when buying cheap plastic crap from Walmart. Doing unto others as we would have done to us is part of this–why I would not cave in to the bank that would give me free checking as long as I began online banking–this would eliminate a human being’s job (not to mention security issues, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog). And people tend to feel helpless, but as they talked about in the video, Walmart would like us to think we’re helpless.
What if nobody shopped at Walmart?
Where would they get their billions?

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