…and the rape culture continues…University of Virginia tries to hide its ugly secrets…

Story here.  And it must be stressed that it’s not just the universities in the news–it’s a cultural thing that is manifesting in the youth.

The report mentions “Take Back the NIght” — when I was on Purdue’ s campus, there were frat boys shouting derogatory comments at the TBTN marchers.

From the article:

“Hey, Jackie,” Drew said, startling her. “Are you ignoring me?” She’d switched her shift in the hopes of never seeing him again. Since the Phi Kappa Psi party, she’d barely left her dorm room, fearful of glimpsing one of her attackers. Jackie stared at Drew, unable to speak. “I wanted to thank you for the other night,” Drew said. “I had a great time.”

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“I had a great time.”

Un-freaking-believable.  The definition of a sociopath right there–a callous disregard for the hurt and pain one causes to others and ignoring their suffering.

And Jackie’s *cough* friends were unfortunately on the same level of thinking as the frat boys, asking her why she just didn’t lay back and enjoy it.

I wonder–do men who rape look at a picture of a woman/girl and see her undressed–even though she is not dressed in revealing clothing?

…psychologist David Lisak discovered, lurk undetected predators. Lisak’s 2002 groundbreaking study of more than 1,800 college men found that roughly nine out of 10 rapes are committed by serial offenders, who are responsible for an astonishing average of six rapes each.

None of the offenders in Lisak’s study had ever been reported. Lisak’s findings upended general presumptions about campus sexual assault: It implied that most incidents are not bumbling, he-said-she-said miscommunications, but rather deliberate crimes by serial sex offenders.

[Italics mine]


This just makes me sick.  The truth is that these men are serial rapists, not frat boys looking for a good time who got carried away.  It was a deliberate act of a predator.

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