16×9: Taxpayers will foot the bill for cleaning up contaminated sites

Here’s a really good mini-documentary on how truly devastating toxins are–and how industry gets away with killing people and making others seriously ill.  They take the resources and profit off of them, and never take responsibility for the death and misery they cause. They poison the water and land, and people, and leave them to deal with it. The racism and poor-ism here is just stunning.  They don’t even know what to do with the toxic waste when they’re done stripping the resources!  I don’t know whether you call that stupidity or the work of sociopaths.  (Where did i read that one had to be a sociopath in order to be a CEO of a corporation?)

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: 16×9’s full investigation into “Contamination Nation.”

Giant Mine was once one of Canada’s richest gold mines, creating jobs and yielding more than 200 tonnes of the precious metal between 1948 and 2004.

It’s often been credited with helping to build the city of Yellowknife, NWT.

TIMELINE: Yellowknife’s Giant Mine

But there is a darker side to Giant Mine as well, one which may leave taxpayers on the hook for nearly $1 billion.

The process used to extract gold from the mine created a highly toxic dust called arsenic trioxide. Today there is a large quantity of the substance buried underground, perilously close to downtown Yellowknife and an important marine ecosystem.

READ MORE: Arsenic trioxide: What is it is and why it’s so dangerous

Environmental advocate Kevin O’Reilly says the total amount of arsenic trioxide stored beneath the mine site is 237,000 tonnes.

“There’s probably enough underground to kill…

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