More on the Dineh (Navajo) fight to stay on their lands

Roberta Blackgoat’s impassioned pleas to stay on the land she and her mother and grandmother and great-grandmother, etc., have dwelled on for centuries really spoke to me.

Here is a good history of what has happened. What would we do without John McCain pushing people around and wanting to start wars at the drop of a hat?

I found a powerpoint on the history, too.

Here is an update and a plea for help from the Dineh.  Note that this is Black Mesa, which Peabody insisted they had no interest in….but that was 2000, and things change, you know. /snark

It’s really important to distinguish the Tribal Councils from the traditionals–the traditionals would never, ever *think* of selling their land, or digging the coal out of the ground, or any of the other toxic stuff.


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