Are you ready to read the labels in a foreign land?

Well…let’s see…cereal, chocolate, emulsifier, non-hydrogenated oil, maltodextrin, rising agent, vitamins. Contains soy, dairy…
that’s about all I can make out. Sounds gastly. Blecch.

Natural Expat

This found its way from the continent and into my cupboard in the dark of night. I blame the children…or the husband…or the fact that I’m known for allowing chocolate through the door with ingredients that I wouldn’t allow any other food to contain (I have my weaknesses). If this were to show up in your kitchen, would you know what you were eating?


I have never been a fan of Kellogg’s anything, but I have to admit that chocolate pop-tarts look better somehow when they are in Italian. I’m almost tempted to try one. If only it didn’t say “modified” so many times on the label…


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