Farewell to Teaching

I hope that you will keep the door open to teaching. We need teachers that care about what they’re teaching their students and aren’t just there for the paycheck.
I was dismayed when I started my college career at 34–the classes were mostly lectures with very little debate or exchange of ideas and viewpoints. Those open discussions expand an education beyond the confines of a textbook. In the few classes I had where debates were allowed, i found it thought-provoking for both sides.

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

This post is a farewell to a vocation I have loved – teaching. I awoke this morning with a clear answer to a question I have been pondering for several weeks, “Should I resign from teaching, perhaps this time with no intention of ever returning?”

Yes, it’s time. Although I love working with students, the context of teaching at the post high school level has increasingly provided too little space for liberatory praxis.


Photo Credit: Graduate Celebration – 2009

It’s the structure of education, not the students, that has been the determining factor for my decision. During my brief time as an adjunct for a private college, I have witnessed the transformation of a program originally based on emphasizing critical thinking and experiential learning based on social justice to a “feeder” program preparing students for a clinical master’s degree. The transition didn’t occur over night, but…

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One thought on “Farewell to Teaching

  1. Thank you for sharing your stories about school, Dolphin, and for reblogging this post 🙂

    Unfortunately, your experiences being “lectured to” are all too common at universities and colleges, but I’m glad to hear that the opportunities for dialogue were the most meaningful 🙂

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