Indigenous Protesters Clash with Brazil Police

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Brazil Natives world cup protest 1Hundreds protest outside World Cup stadium in capital over plans to shrink size of some reserves for indigenous groups.

from Al Jazeera via Earth First! Newswire, May 28, 2014

Indigenous protesters in traditional dress squared against Brazilian police mounted on horses in the country’s capital, just outside a new football stadium that will host World Cup matches this year.

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Thankful for John Ewing

Diane Ravitch's blog

John Ewing wrote a brilliant article called “Mathematical Intimidation.” If you haven’t read it, please do. It demolishes VAM. He calls on mathematicians to speak out. And at Brown, we read here, he spoke out:

“John Ewing, Executive Director of the American Mathematical Society and President of Math for America, was the speaker at a Brown commencement forum today. He spoke to a packed audience on the question, “Is There an Education Crisis?” Since it’s unlikely that the media was there for this one, here’s a synopsis for those following the public education debate:

“Ewing briefly described the various reports going back to 1958 that proclaimed the so-called crisis, and listed the forces that benefit from keeping it “in the forefront of the news”: politicians; the education/industrial complex; and that aspect of the American character that likes a crisis because a crisis “demands action and demands it now.”

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Helping bees

On to lighter subjects…

A member on the organic farmers’ list posted a message about helping a bee that is on the ground.  If they’re on the ground, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are dead or dying–it probably means they are dead tired from gathering pollen and are resting.  You can help it by mixing up a little sugar water to help it regain its strength.

Just thought I’d pass this along–

CNN explores the backlash of Elliot Rodger’s misogyny

Well, now…CNN still has some chops:

The former video of Elliot Rodger has been made “private” now, so one cannot view his rant on how deserving he is of women’s attention and sex.  One cannot see the blatant sense of entitlement. Nor his viewing women as objects for his personal pleasure.

I love that CNN explored this topic–one that women deal with on a daily basis, but has been ignored by mainstream media…well, ANY media, be it liberal or conservative.  Women’s concerns, up to now, have been ignored or if any attention is given to it, their concerns are belittled to be insignificant.  Elliot Rodger is a product of the rape culture–I’ll take what I want if she won’t give it to me willingly.

My other posts on rape culture:

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In Steubenville.

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Native American women, who, until very recently, could be raped without retribution.

Boasting about rape on social media.

They’re only raping prostitutes…

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Lastly, the alleged abuse of Dylan Farrow by Woody Allen.