Bill Gates “explains” Common Core

Unbelievable.  Bill Gates–car salesman.  He is so full of it, that I don’t know where to even begin….

He states that these standards will allow children whom have moved to be able to pick up where they left off…again he misses the point that CHILDREN ARE INDIVIDUALS and they will either grasp a subject or not…according to where they are at in their personal development.

Gates also states that Common Core is made towards children’s development level.  Bullshit.  Utter bullshit.  You don’t teach integers, that is part of trigonometry, to grade school students!  You don’t teach the Code of Hammurabi to first graders!

He outright lies about government not dictating these standards.  Race to the Bottom guarantees that they will adopt their policies, or the schools will be denied federal dollars that were paid for by the public.

Mercedes Schneider points out more of the lies in her take on this…note the link to Indiana trying a shell game of getting rid of Common Core…but then adopting standards that are a warmed over version of Common Core.  Very disappointing to see that Glenda Ritz is going along with this charade.





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