HS Teachers Will Boycott NYC Test May 1

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26 Teachers and Staff of International High School at Prospect Heights refuse to give NYC ELA Performance Assessment Test


WHEN: Thursday, May 1, 2014, 7:45-8:20am,


WHERE: International High School at Prospect Heights, 883 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225


WHAT: Teachers will hold a press conference to announce their refusal to administer the NYC ELA Performance Assessment. 26 teachers and staff at Prospect Heights International High School are refusing to administer a new assessment that is part of the new teacher evaluation system pushed by Bloomberg’s DOE and the UFT last spring. 50% of parents have opted their children out of the test. The high school serves almost exclusively recently arrived English Language Learners.

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The story behind the story…

…of the 15 year old boy stowaway who traveled to Hawaii in the wheel well of a plane.  His story is yet another tragedy in angry divorced fathers who take children away from their mother, who is living in poverty.  He was told his mother was dead–how horribly selfish and psychologically traumatizing to a child.

I hope that Hawaiian authorities will not release the boy to his father, who obviously cares more about revenge than his child’s emotional health.  Rather, it would be refreshing to see someone stand up for the mother, and help her reunite with her child.


Good luck students. Your professors are heading for the exits.

Fred Klonsky


Under provisions of the State University Retirement System’s money purchase option, 10,000 state university employees are eligible to retire by July 1.

As a result of the Senate Bill 1 pension theft passed last December 3rd and signed immediately by Squeezy, thousands are heading for the exits to avoid loosing thousands of dollars in post retirement compensation.

Senator Dan Biss was a member of the bipartisan Committee of Ten that was assigned the job of constructing the bill. He now admits the problem, but claims it is an “easy fix.”

Much of what Senator Biss says is unreliable. That is never more true than his “easy fix” comment.

Today’s Tribune provides the numbers.

As of last week, about 1,700 university employees had filed retirement applications this year, compared with 960 during the same period last year. Not all will ultimately decide to retire, and many others will file applications in…

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Stranger hacks baby monitor, screams at baby


I don’t even know where to begin with this…

It’s disturbing that a complete stranger had access to the private home of these folks, and could see their child, see into their house, and do something so troubling.

Then there’s the mother, grabbing her phone to see the baby.  Good Grief, I would have been running for the baby’s room, not grabbing the stupid phone to look to see if the baby was okay.

Not to mention exposing the child (and parents) to EMF’s which can cause damage that we are not even aware about yet.

The whole story is just unsettling.


More adventures in gluten free foods

(I meant to post this a few days ago. Oops.  Too much going on…geesh.)

A member of the mercury support group posted about foods that might create problems for folks who are gluten sensitive.   She had taken an expensive ($225) test for foods that the body reacted to as if they were gluten.  A lot of the foods she reacted to are on the “safe” list for gluten sensitive folk.

And then another member of the group posted this link.  Of course, coffee, chocolate and eggs are on the list.

As you can imagine, I was depressed that chocolate was once again mentioned as a problem for us.  But coming off of a five day migraine means that something is wrong and I need to start looking at what I am eating.

Worse than that was the eggs and coffee.  If you can’t eat grains, the usual stuff you would eat for breakfast is out the window…so eggs were an easy option for me.

So, I went searching for others’ views on this, and found a helpful links here .  This makes more sense to me, because Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (GAPS), had eggs on her list for recommended foods.  She even recommended raw eggs beaten with honey for their nutrient value.

I have been trying to get free range eggs, but that is hard to come by in my area.  I came across someone who has eggs for sale independently of stores, and I plan on asking about the feed they use.  As a side note~when I first saw the notice, my first thought was “I wonder if they take food stamps?”  And the next happy thought was…”I don’t have to choose my food according to who will take food stamps anymore! Woot!”

On another site, coffee is debated (in the comments section) on whether it or the dairy creamer might be responsible.  Dr. McBride states that we should not drink instant coffee, but that freshly made coffee that is somewhat weak can be in our diet.

Okay, I feel a little less constricted.

And I realize that chocolate IS a problem, but I seriously don’t know how I’m going to give it up.  It’s an addiction, for sure.  I think I’m going to have to approach it like an addiction and focus on one day at a time.  It would be sooo much easier if it didn’t taste so good.  And be comfort food.

Same with rice.  I had purchased rice flour and made biscuits and gravy as comfort food…and now it looks like I’ll have to give that up, too.  And the rice flour pizza, too.  Arrgh.

One of the comments linked to this page.  He explains gluten reactions a little more in-depth than most.

Another mentioned the gluten free society.


Creepy Ads and total cluelessness

The Dish posted a piece on UNICEF’s creepy ad campaign to persuade people in India to use the loo instead of defecating in the streets (I can’t comment on the video…couldn’t make past the first minute).

Hello? They don’t seem to *get* that they are not doing it from ignorance, but because, like the author says, they are poor–therefore their struggle for each day is to find food, clean water, and not die.  Having a loo in the vicinity is a luxury they cannot afford.

Why didn’t UNICEF use whatever overpaid money they put into this ad campaign and purchase some composting toilets for these folks? Or construct public restrooms near the poor?  Or, better yet, put on an ad campaign for jobs with livable wages so they could take care of themselves??

10 Biggest Oil Spills in History

We don’t hear a lot about oil spills in other parts of the world…we’re lucky if we hear about ALL of them in our little corner of the world…so I thought I’d post this on the worst that has happened.

From the Gulf War in Kuwait:

The largest oil spill the world has seen exacted little permanent damage on coral ecosystems and local fisheries, according to a report by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission at Unesco. The study concluded that about half the oil evaporated, one-eighth of it was recovered and another quarter washed ashore, mostly in Saudi Arabia.


I found it hard to believe that this spill had not done a lot of damage…especially now that there are cases of MERS in Saudi Arabia that are on the increase.

Could oil spills from over a decade ago be impacting the immune health of the folks there? I don’t know for sure, but it is a possibility. Something has compromised their immune systems…GMO’s, grain-based diet, chemicals…and on.  I would start looking at the folks whom have survived it and do detailed investigation into their diet and what chemicals they have been exposed to.

I found this website that not only dismisses the idea that there wasn’t a lot of damage, but the spill was not an accident–but a deliberate act of environmental warfare.  (I highlighted the text with my mouse so I could read it.  Black and white, people. Black and white, if you want a person to read what you write.)  (haha. poet and don’t know it.)

Not only did they have to contend with the oil spill on the land and water, but then they had an oily rain to deal with.  Good Grief.  If your land is polluted, the normally beneficial rain cannot help do its work of cleansing the Earth, as well as replenishing the water supply, and nourishing the plant life.  All life stops the minute the water supply is polluted.





Study links Monsanto pesticide with gluten intolerance

You know what really bothers me about this story?  They already know that pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers destroy the immune system.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that multiplying the chemical is going to do more harm.

So if the immune system begins in the gut, and chemicals destroy the gut…intolerance to problematic grains is a no-brainer.

Can the USDA, FDA, or anybody with a brain and ethics in Washington do something about this? Or is money going to once again trump common sense and forward thinking of not only the present day but the future, as well…..?

Sunday reads.

Fred Klonsky


The Clipper’s Donald Sterling joins with Supreme Court majority. He’s caught on TMZ audio tape saying, “Don’t let Black students into state universities. No more of that f—– affirmative action.”

Gordon Lafer on Milwaukee’s Rocketship Charterscam.

Koch brothers and others influence judges to approve wage theft from teachers.

Obama rightly condemns the racism in basketball, but silent about it on the Supreme Court.

Randi Weingarten on the retirement crisis.

But, Randi.  Why isn’t this a bargaining issue with school boards?Why are we pleading with a private company, Pearson?

The Slumlord Billionairehas a healthy legal paper trail, which creates a collage of someone very good at extorting rents from the very poor. In 1986, the spiking of rents in his Beverly Hills properties—the so-called “slums of Beverly Hills”—led to a large march by tenants on City Hall.

In 2001, Sterling was sued successfully by the City of…

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Wage theft is wage theft regardless of the ages of the teachers.

Reclaim Reform


The legislative mandate of taking money as deferred compensation to keep it safe as a future pension while promising that it will not be there when it is needed is wage theft. Active teachers across America have this occur with every paycheck.

IL teachers pensions

Retired teachers are having their constitutionally and contractually protected payment agreements re-legislated after the legal agreement. Law suits are presently underway across America to stop both forms of wage theft. The main court battles are in Republican dominated New Jersey and Democrat dominated Illinois. To be perfectly clear, it’s not about political issues; it’s about corporate greed and control.

“The courts will decide,” according to same state legislatures who have systematically stolen from public pension funds for decades.

So, the Koch Brothers, Wal-Mart, Dow Chemical, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and other major corporations and billionaire owners are attempting to influence the judges who will make these and similar future interpretive…

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