Covering up vaccine deaths

Child Health Safety has this up on a story of World Health Organization (WHO) fudging the numbers of vaccine deaths.  Be sure to click on the link for the 5-in-1 vaccine.

37 deaths.  29 deaths out of 82 vaccines administered — 35% !

83 deaths in Asian countries associated with the vaccine.

From the article:

With practiced efficiency, after the eight deaths in Kashmir, a central team under Dr. N.K. Arora, who works for Inclen Trust, went to the state, visited the hospital and the homes of the dead children and issued a press release that there was no conclusive evidence that the deaths were due to the vaccine. Septicemia, pneumonia and meningitis were blamed, without explaining how children who were completely asymptomatic and well enough to be given routine preventive vaccination by healthcare personnel, could die of septicemia or pneumonia immediately afterwards. In other words, how could children gasping for breath with pneumonia or in shock due to septicemia and about to die in the next few hours be given Pentavalent vaccine by the healthcare personnel?


Word.  How can a child “suddenly develop” symptoms of pneumonia or septicemia (blood poisoning)…?  The symptoms associated with each condition are pronounced, so it would be difficult to miss them.

They bring up an important point–

* Underlying congenital heart diseases used to explain away the deaths were not serious enough to cause cardiac failure and death.


Why did they have convulsions after vaccination?  As you know from the GAPS diet, seizures are linked with Celiac/gluten intolerance/bowel inflammation.


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