Angel Meadow: Hell on Earth

City Jackdaw has this up on a hellhole called Angel Meadow.  And as I view it, I can’t help but think that America is headed back in that direction…

…but then I catch myself…we have always had a problem, but now it’s a bigger problem.

This from Mother Jones on poverty right on Silicon Valley’s doorstep.  I think the folks featured here give the business workers/owners a little too much credit that they “would do something because they’re so smart” if they were only aware.  Please.  They’re aware.  They don’t care because they have the attitude “I’ve got mine, screw you.”  This, from people whom have sent tech jobs overseas and/or create nothing (F_cebook).

More here on a tent city in New Jersey where the mayor calls it “disgusting”….but the solution, before a lawyer showed up, was to…wait for it…fine them $1,000 for violations.  Unreal.

This in Greenville, South Carolina.

As I read all of these, I have to shake my head at the lack of creativity to find a solution.  In South Carolina, with the red clay Earth, why can’t one use that to create bricks and build a dwelling out of that?  Perhaps a traditional Native American can show them how it’s done?  And, of course, my favorite, Earthships, which are self-sufficient, and sustainable, could be a solution, too.

Note that many of these folks were made homeless circa 2008, after Wall Street caused the crash tumbling us into the Un-Depression.  (are we calling it a Depression, yet?)






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