Grain Brain

A discussion was started on the mercury support group about a member getting her mother to move in with her and get the horrible amalgams out of her mouth so she could detox.

I was happy for her and her mother.  I related to her that my mother suffered from Alzheimer’ s that I am almost positive she was a Celiac and mercury toxic. But unfortunately, my own self diagnosis came too late to help her. I tried to convince my siblings that she was Celiac. This was about six months before she passed. They were saying she was too far gone at that point, and I am still questioning that–hell it was worth a try.

The nurse at her doctor’s office practically laughed at me when I called to request the doctor investigate a possible Celiac diagnosis. I tried to explain to the nurse about the neurological connection to Celiac and mercury poisoning… she politely listened, but I could tell she thought I was a nut.

My mother continued to eat breads, cakes, and cookies.  My siblings were of the opinion that it was the one pleasure she had left in life…but my thinking was that pleasure was surely causing her illness.

Another member brought up the book, Grain Brain by neurologist David Perlmutter.  I haven’t read the book yet, but I did catch him on PBS yesterday.

What he said stunned me–that a *cough* scientific “fact” has been disproven:   That your brain does not regenerate brain cells.  It does.

Stunning–we have been taught that our brains cannot regenerate, but Dr. Perlmutter states that aerobic exercise turns on the genes responsible for brain cell regeneration.  He stated that DHA (fish oil) also does the same thing.    I had experienced this myself, prior to mercury poisoning–I noticed about six months after beginning aerobic exercise how much better I felt and how much better my brain functioned.  I started after the birth of my first child, and it was the only exercise that I enjoyed  (I always disliked sit ups, push ups, etc. …b-o-r-i-n-g.  And I disliked the competitive nature of gym class.  We had a teacher once that punished the side that lost–since one side always had to lose, it was a ridiculous punitive action that made me hate gym class.)

Anyway, Dr. Perlmutter was basically stating everything I had learned from Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride on the GAPS diet…grains are bad for you. Period.  I think Perlmutter goes into more detail about specific amounts of carbs to have…I’m just not comfortable with the mindset that one-size-fits-all.  I think we are too individualistic and medicine still does not recognize that.  They like to have us pigeonholed into neat little scientific packages when it has been shown, over and over again, that our bodies are unique and respond differently….as in the case of mercury poisoning…there are few symptoms that are alike for merc poisoning.  That is why it is so difficult for them to diagnose–they can’t seem to wrap their brains around many different symptoms–some physical, some neurological–coming from toxin exposure.



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