NSA: It’s worse than we thought

I hope you’re sitting down, because this is going to blow you away.

An interactive graphic from Der Spiegel explains that this tool is a part of NSA’s ANT division that the agency developed so it can see and hear what is happening in a room “without having to actually install radio-signal-emitting bugging devices in them.”


…and you thought that mercury poisoned folk like myself were crazy for saying that EMF’s bothered us greatly.  When I was sicker, I could not talk on a cell phone for an hour, or I would become ill with a migraine.  EMF’s from the classroom smartboard/computer/wand make me ill.

And as far as the radiated beams causing cancer…well, that is a stone in the gravel pit.  The NSA is running amok with nobody reining them in or following anything that looks like our Constitution…

Oh, and in case you missed it–they’re also intercepting laptops bought online and installing spyware on them. Yep.

….because we got to get the boogeyman.

We got to get the boogeyman.

I wonder about this and those birds falling out of the sky.  More here.


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