Fighting for water

How does one make it so very few people will hear of a protest?  Constrain it off of busy highways so that they are not seen…not heard…

Once again, I ask:  If the majority of taxpayers are against fracking…and their taxes pay for the police officers…why are the police officers not honoring their wishes?  Why are these officers guarding a company that is trespassing on Mi’kmaq land?  They say they are protecting the company from aggressors…but who is the aggressor here?

David Suzuki speaks:

(Side note~ I looked up David Suzuki, and found a mention of him recommending the dreaded mercury-filled lightbulbs.  If one of these breaks in your house, that room is contaminated.  Here’s how to clean up after a lightbulb breaks.)

Here’s a good post on the history of what is happening with the Elsipogtog protests.   They point out the close proximity to water –because massive amounts of clean water are needed to perform fracking.  That in and of itself should be reason enough to not allow fracking….let alone the chemically polluted water and land left behind after the process.

Here’s a piece on Maude Barlow, Council on Canadians, lending her support.

They are calling for an emergency day of action tomorrow.

Finally, I leave you with this wonderful photo.


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