Preppers versus Tradition

Granny Miller has a post up on the curious phenomenon of preppers.


I am positively revolted by the survivalist perception and belief that somehow there will not be enough food, water, clothing, shelter and goodness and humanity to go around when “the collapse” comes.

…wisdom from the elders….

( TEOTWAWKI = The end of the world as we know it.  TSHTF= the sh*t hits the fan.)


Clothing from plants

…thanks to the Earth for providing what we need–

Granny Miller has a neat blog on homesteading.  She has this post up on making linen from flax.  It always tickles me that we can make clothing from…plants….you know, besides fig leaves.  :p

I found this video on all the steps to making flax into linen.  Notice the good work without using electricity…

And when you visit some antique shop or old farm, you’ll know what those funny-looking contraptions were used for…


Finally, here’s a little history on growing flax as a crop in the U.S. (A side note~ if you are of Irish decent, you may have trouble digesting flax oil.  I was taking it because of the health properties of Omega 3, and noticed I kept getting nauseated after taking it…then discovered that the Irish lack the gene necessary to produce the enzyme that digests it.)

Being a sewing nut, I love linen–the drape of the fabric catches the eye.  I love the free flow (for want of a better word) of the fibers. 

By this description, flax looks to be friendly to the northern states, including ole’ Indiana, by its like of cooler weather and short growing season.  Unfortunately, the post is not written by someone advocating organic methods, but chemicals.

I found this post on growing flax organically.  Unfortunately, the author advocates Bt for caterpillars…which also kills monarch caterpillars.   I like the idea of red clover planted to compete with weeds (perhaps I should stop using the word “weeds” and use some other term for unwanted plants…weeds, such as milkweed, have medicinal properties that we’re only beginning to re-understand.)

I kept looking for some page that didn’t advocate Bt, but alas, the other organic pages were advocating it, as well.  Growing organically is not for sissies…


Neocons rewriting the Bible

…well, I wish I could say this is a surprise…but, no, I was waiting for the “re-write” because Jesus is just too, too, liberal…you know, feeding people, healing the sick without being paid, throwing the bankers out of the Temple…

See, the neocons were hiding behind the “Moral Majority” schtick and intimidating folks with their self-righteous blather.  Now that some of us have been speaking out about spirituality, they have suddenly realized their game is up.

Sorry, neocons….try as you might, you cannot have a re-do to support your selfish, hateful, punitive actions that feed the dark side.

123 years after Wounded Knee massacre

Warrior Publications has a blog up on the massacre at Wounded Knee.

As I look at the photo of the mass grave, it is a shocking picture too similar to the Jews in Nazi Germany camps.

Something that is really important to know—these Native Americans had laid down their guns.  They had given all their weaponry to the calvary in what they thought was a truce…

…and then they were fired upon…

Unarmed men, women, and children gunned down…


Warrior Publications also has this up on Carter Camp, of the 1973 Wounded Knee siege.   Treaty after treaty had been broken, and the Native Americans were asserting their right to exist, their right to practice their spirituality–which had been outlawed–and their right to their land.  They were protesting the war-like atmosphere created by Dick Wilson, whom thought of the traditional American Indians as “communists” .  He terrorized the traditionals.

The movie Thunderheart is loosely based on the events at Wounded Knee.  (Pay close attention to the bartender in one of the scenes–Crosby, Stills, and Nash fans will see a familiar face. 🙂

On the message board under portrayal of elders, a commenter talks about Grandpa Reaches being their favorite character in the movie–he was a medicine man, but not full of himself, not holier-than-thou.  He was the genuine deal.

Another commenter was commenting on the scene where Grandpa’s TV and ancient sacred turtle rattle are destroyed–they were trying to explain to someone why Grandpa would be upset about them breaking his TV, but not the sacred rattle.

It struck me odd, too, but trying to think as the Native Americans do about possessions, perhaps it was supposed to be a “letting go” of possessions such as the rattle, because it, too, could be replaced?  Or perhaps Grandpa Reaches thought that the rattle represented connection with the Creator, but he didn’t need an object because he was always connected?  I don’t know the answer, but it’s a good question.

They also talked about what Grandpa Reaches gave Ray Levoi for his sunglasses.  I thought it was probably a stone that Grandpa had blessed?

Anyway, I hope I haven’t given too much away to anyone who hasn’t seen it but wishes to–a really good movie full of twists and historical value.

An Educator for Chancellor…what a concept…

Bill de Blasio better check with ole’ slick Willy and Hilly to rethink his choice for Chancellor.   He must be mistaken, because Bill, Hillary, Michelle Rhee, Eli Broad, and Bill Gates don’t approve of actual educators being involved in…you know…education administration.  De Blasio obviously didn’t get the memo that he needs to appoint an investment banker, technology terrorist, or some other profiteer to run the schools.  /very snarky

Highway collapses along U.S. – Mexico border

Global News has this up on highway collapse thought to be caused by several local earthquakes.

So…yeah, I’m looking at fracking in the area.  Here’s a report on fracking near the area:

(not linking to it for obvious reasons)

From the article:

U.S. oil production has reversed a 30-plus year decline and, by some estimates, the country will become the world’s largest oil producer by as early as 2017 and will achieve full energy self-sufficiency by 2030.


::…meanwhile, citizens are dropping dead of *mysterious* illnesses at  a rate parallel to the amount of fracking being done…..:: /not really snarky, but a little too close to the truth

I found a protest blog by Mexican nationals.   Again, you’ll have to use google translate.

I also found this on the detrimental decision to release control of Mexico’s oil resources to outside investors.  Combine that with this previous story on the huge reserves just ripe for fracking…and well, you can draw the picture.

Egyptians are also protesting fracking.  Can you imagine poisoning the Nile?  Good Grief.


Opposing Enbridge

Warrior Publications has this up on the curious fact that people opposing the Enbridge pipeline are not the radicals that the Oil industry and the politicos would like you to think.

Like I’ve said before, there are a lot more people in favor of protecting the environment but are afraid to be categorized as terrorists or radicals, so they remain silent.  It really came home to me when I wrote an op-ed for my local paper talking about environmental concerns, including GMO labeling.  I had people call me and talk to me in person (in a low voice, no doubt so no one else could hear the conversation) about how they agreed with me.  But they didn’t take that next step and write their own op-ed on how they, too, wanted to protect the environment.

The oil industry and others have done a bang up job of portraying *all* environmentalists as radical, violent people….when only a small number of people have done things that are disagreeable to the rest.  And I’m sure there were agent provocateurs amongst the violent ones.

The following isn’t related to the environmental protests, but it is helpful in understanding that it isn’t paranoia on the part of protestors:


Letting go

James Radcliffe has a post up on meditation and its wonderful effects on the rest of your activities in life.  It is one of the most difficult things to achieve–letting go of all the cares and worries of the world, quieting your mind,  and just BE.  It’s especially difficult for me because of the mercury interfering with brain function.  The brain, heart, and soul are intertwined and it is difficult to connect with God/Higher Power/Creator when your mind is scrambling with thoughts bouncing all over the place.  But on those few occasions when I am able to clear my head and stop the active thinking, and allow the release of the worldly concerns, it is wonderful.  And I do feel more connected with God and all of creation with meditation….a gift.