The dark side of medicine

I happened upon this video while looking up a video on mercury poisoning~

I have seen Big Pharma reps first hand in how they market the drugs.  It is illegal to take a doctor to lunch, so they get around that by having ‘information sessions” ….and just happen to have it during the lunch period…where they buy lunch for the staff attending.  They also bring plenty of notepads, pens, clocks, etc., with the “new” drug’s name emblazoned upon it so the doctor/nurse/clinician will be subjected to advertising every time they use the pen, notepad, and glance at the clock…

It is encouraging that sales reps from Big Pharma are speaking out.    Note that Shane Ellison, a former researcher at Eli Lilly, is also in this video.  If you recall, I wrote about his book debunking the cholesterol = heart attack myth and the dangerous side effects of drugs that reduce cholesterol.

I also saw first hand where a psychiatrist was bullied by staff when she refused to prescribe a drug she did not think was appropriate for a certain patient (I refuse to call them consumers or clients–they’re freaking patients).  She was so intimidated by the bullying that she told me this story in passing on campus and quickly left, not wanting anyone to see us talking.  She truly cared about the patients and had developed an ingenious way to help them work through their thoughts–to better define what they were feeling and why they were feeling it (what was happening in their life at that moment?)   In other words, she was using talk therapy.   Drug companies don’t like talk therapy–it interferes with their profit margins if people are working their problems out instead of popping more pills.

The drug companies are looked upon by the staff as…for want of a better word…authorities.  When they held a presentation for the entire staff, they were treated as if they were dignitaries to be deferred to.  Unsettling.

As for children, many people don’t realize that Ritalin is synthetic cocaine.  Yes, you read that right–synthetic cocaine.  They are giving these poor children synthetic cocaine!

Aliah’s story, about three quarters of the way through, is stunning, to say the least.  It’s just pure evil. I can’t even wrap my brain around them being allowed to keep Aliah from her parents for six months…and the #%&! telling her that her parents did not want to see her–absolutely criminally abusive!  I was reminded of the forced vaccinations of children and adults…also products of the Big Pharma industry.  They do seem to have their model of operation down–claim authority where there is none by intimidating people with lies.  A person has a right to their own autonomy.  They have a right to decide what goes into their body.  The story that if someone goes without a vaccine is endangering the entire community is illogical.  If a vaccine creates antibodies that fight off disease, then that person will not be susceptible to that disease if they are exposed to someone whom has not vaccinated.  In other words, if someone comes down with a disease after being vaccinated, then vaccines don’t work, do they?

They briefly talk about diet, but alas, don’t go into it as deeply as they should–it’s especially disturbing that the CHADD educator’s manual mentioned by Steven Plog, where they fired him for suggesting underlying illness as a cause.  They have known of the connection between schizophrenia and diet since before WWII.  It was even more pronounced when they observed that cases of schizophrenia in Germany/Holland went down during the war.  Germans are known to be gluten intolerant, and gluten intolerance can manifest in neurological conditions such as schizophrenia, migraines, and seizures.   This is not discussed by either the medical profession nor the psychiatric profession as the primary cause of illness.

Also, the toxins in the environment can manifest in neurological symptoms…but sadly, this is not even discussed–of course, mercury being the number one neurotoxin, lead and arsenic and aluminum also affect neurological functioning.

As you can see, everything is tied to $$$.  Big Pharma is Big Money.  I came upon a quote once by a Big Pharma exec who wanted to create a psychiatric disease for every human being.  (Sorry, can’t remember exec who said it.)  They’re not interested in curing disease–they are only interested in selling drugs.  If they can keep people in a perpetual state of disease, they have customers for life.  It’s just plain evil.

It’s noted in the video that psychiatry could not hold up under verifiable scientific standards–it’s based on subjective opinions of the psychiatric professional.   A clueless neurologist actually told a patient that their seizures were brought on by an abnormal reaction to stress–not bothering to look into the mouth of the patient to see  a mouthful of amalgams (mercury is known to cause seizures).

I’ve touched on before with Freud’s misogyny–characterizing almost all psychiatric conditions as a result of bad  mothers.  And you might recall this video on the lengths psychiatric professionals will go to justify their misogyny.  With all of this, keep in mind that psychiatric professionals know that most cases of psychiatric conditions will resolve on their own or with talk therapy.  Only about one-third of the cases actually require drugs.

Note that in 1997, the rules of advertising to consumers was relaxed.  And who was in office in 1997?  Bill Clinton.  Good Grief, this guy was responsible for such destruction of so many aspects of our society…

Related to this is the revolving door of Monsanto and the FDA.  You recall that Monsanto stealthily unleashed genetically modified organisms, too, which is likely a cause of rising obesity and gut issues (which lead to neurological issues) and has fought against labeling of GMO foods.

One thought on “The dark side of medicine

  1. Reblogged this on Dolphin and commented:

    Reblogging this — I”m pretty sure this is not the same video that I viewed before, but wow is it a good piece on the sordid history of psychiatry. And I wish that they had brought up George W. Bush torturing people. The scene with the psychiatric attendants pouring water over the so-called patients reminded me of waterboarding.
    Why can’t we get this right? Why can’t we find a way to take care of those whose minds are too far gone and can’t take care of themselves, versus those who are criminally misdiagnosed so psychiatrists can torture them, abuse them, or profit off of their incarceration? I don’t know that the profit thing is happening here, but given everything else Big Pharma is doing with vaccines, and as we have seen with Lupron and Synarel…we have people who are injured for life while Big Pharma lies about what their drugs have done. Did you catch the chilling statement at about 31:00? It said that poisons were administered to people disguised as medicine…! Utterly chilling.

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