Yoga for lymph system

Did you know that the lymph system is as important for circulation as the respiratory system?  I sure didn’t.  The lymph glands in my neck have been swollen since 1995.  I had one amalgam placed in 1991, and the other seven that did me in, in 1994.  One year later, I began getting the monthly migraines.  I also was exposed to melted plastic when I worked in the office of a car parts manufacturer.  We were attached to the factory, and someone had a machine on that molded plastic parts.  I never got the full story of what happened, but the accident had to have been huge, as I smelled burnt plastic in the office.  My glands were swollen from then on.

So…I’ve noticed when I’m chelating, that the glands go down to normal size.  When I stop the round?  Back to swollen again.  This seems to be an issue for most of us with mercury poisoning.  The poor lymph system is supposed to carry out all the wastes, but it just gets overwhelmed.

I found this site explaining the lymph system and thought I’d pass it along.  Yoga is supposed to help the lymph system to cleanse itself–and jumping on a trampoline helps, too.

I also started a search on sea salt benefits.  I had purchased some of the pink salt that has not been chemically processed and wondered what benefits (or detriments) it possessed.

They make the case that table salt is sodium chloride and has been processed out the wazoo to remove all the additional minerals.  The companies then sell the minerals for $$.  The resulting sodium chloride is not recognized by the body and is sent to the…uh…waste bin…

The theory is that untreated salt is much better for us because the body recognizes it and utilizes it accordingly to keep the delicate balance for the heart and kidneys to function properly.  One site even claimed that it helps remove plaque from the gut.

Of course, one always has to take what is said with a critical eye.

I think there is something to it, however, because I took 1/4 tsp baking soda + 1/4 tsp pink salt in a glass of water–sipping it throughout the day.  I started craving the pink salt.  Interesting.

I listen to my body–when I was a vegetarian, I was craving meat…my body understood what it needed, and even though I hated going back to eating meat, it saved my life.   So when it craves something, I pay attention, keeping in mind that craving something could also mean I am allergic to it.


One thought on “Yoga for lymph system

  1. Reblogged this on Dolphin and commented:

    I’ve had some interest in this blog recently, so I’m reblogging it. It’s Spring (I don’t care what anyone else says!) and that is the traditional time to detox the sludge out of the body.

    I found an additional video on youtube that I like a lot:

    I have noticed when I do these exercises, that I start getting sinus drainage with neck/shoulder/knee massage…interesting….

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