First Nations continue standing up

This is a pretty good report of the events surrounding the recent clash with the armed forces and the First Nations of Canada.

From the post:

It is of particular importance to note that – according to Augustine – the Warrior Society and the RCMP had even negotiated for the possibility that an ISL security guard would want to come and pray at the sacred fire. The guards could come and pray any time they wanted, but neither they, nor anyone else, was permitted to bring weapons of any kind to the sacred fire.

“[ISL] already knew,” says Augustine. “When we negotiated the first time, when an ISL worker comes out to the sacred fire – because they were welcome, anytime they were welcome – as long as they don’t have any weapons. [But] they could come and pray with us anytime they want. And that was part of the negotiations. They could come out at any time and pray with us, or go out the back way and shift change then.”


I think it’s important, too, to note the First Nations people welcoming the guards into camp–as long as they were not armed.  And praying together?  What a wonderful way to seek spiritual guidance together—to seek that which feeds the Light.  I don’t believe that God would sanction polluting the Earth….and causing all the misery to humans, animals, plants, the soil, and the water that fracking does.

If you recall the previous videos on the confrontation, the female Warrior was clearly upset at them offering tobacco.  Now we see the story behind that–they offered tobacco the night before as a symbol of wanting peace for everyone.  Then the very next morning,they show up with guns drawn–even when they knew the indigenous were unarmed and seeking a peaceful way to get SWN off their land.

Here is a look at Chief Arren Sock presenting their demands to the public/press:

I think what is hard for white folks to understand is that the indigenous society is not based on hierarchical status.  Until recently, I didn’t understand all of what that means, myself, because it’s so ingrained that *somebody*  MUST be in charge.    The Chief system was something imposed upon the indigenous by the Europeans–they required someone to be spokesperson and to call all the shots.  The people were offended by this because their society was not set up that way.  As Chief Sock states in this video, he does not speak for the others.  He doesn’t tell the other indigenous what to do —they act on their own autonomy.  They see this as each person acting according to what the Creator wishes for them to do, as far as my understanding.

A couple of tweets here and here on it.   The last pic with the story behind the brave Warrior standing between a pregnant woman and this armed guard…who’s the terrorist, again…?

Another tweet here on once again labeling environmentalists as terrorists.  If you recall, when I worked for the state health dept., one of the training sessions I had included Dept. of Hysterical Security.  They did an exercise where environmentalists were going to use bio warfare by injecting food borne pathogens into food at a fair booth.  The whole scenario was outlandish and reminded me of the story of Chicken Little who ran around crazy exclaiming that the sky was falling because an acorn dropped on his head.  It makes a broad sweeping generalization about a group that is generally peaceful with a few idiots who resort to violence as a means to an end.  Unfortunately, they not only achieve their goal, but they also persuade others NOT to join the movement because they don’t condone that behavior and because, as said previously,  they don’t want to be labeled as troublemakers.  **not to mention that some of those causing trouble could be agent provocateurs who are not actually environmentalists, but paid disruptors from the outside posing as environmentalists.

Some good news here.  Glad to see someone has some sense and vision to look beyond today and the $$$ short term gain.  Just say NO to the money, honey.

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