Mi’kmaq not backing down

Checking in with the First Nations protestors in Canada….

SWN refuses to acknowledge they are trespassing on First Nations land and continue to use that land for fracking, despite the protests.  My understanding is that they have started a fire blockade today at noon.

Someone posted a link to this video that captures in pictures when words fail…

…at 1:25 and 1:38, look at the concentration of teargas on ONE individual!!

….at 1:56,and the next photo should have the caption underneath with one word:  COURAGE

…at 2:12 full disclosure:  both sides had dogs.  Gotta love their sense of humor.

…at 2:19…<sigh>….really? Is this man armed?  He appears to be unarmed and of smaller stature than the SWN security officer.

Another video here on the mistreatment of the protestors taken in:




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