CNN has aired the Orca documentary Blackfish–specifically the captive Tillikum that killed trainer Dawn Brancheau.  Not only did he kill her, but another trainer twenty years before, and there was a dead man found on Tillikum’s back, mysteriously appearing one morning.  As the researcher states during the documentary, orcas are not known to attack human beings while they are free–it’s only in captivity that they have attacked humans.  My recent post on OSHA (or Sea World) refusing to release information on their protocol.

Before, when I commented on the Blackfish doc, I remarked how the “whale song” made me cry.  I didn’t understand why at the time….but now I am wondering that this whale’s cry is from being separated from its family and/or a mother whale being separated from her child….knowing that these mother whales cry as a human mother would after having her child taken away….it makes sense.

I posted a link on the Fu Manchu blog on an organization fighting  to stop holding whales captive.   It’s a brutal, selfish practice and it needs to stop.

At the closing scene of Blackfish, they show the orcas swimming freely as they were meant to, and how spirited they were–their dorsal fins are proudly straight–not flopped over like Tillikum’s.  It is awesome to watch them.   As I watch that segment, it occurs to me that perhaps if they took Tillikum back to the Washington State area where they captured him, perhaps he could find his family and rejoin them?   I know that sounds like a long stretch, because he has been in captivity so long, but I would think that his mother would recognize him.    It would be worth it giving it a shot.  He deserves that.


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  1. Reblogged this on Dolphin and commented:

    Reblogging this on the good news today that Sea World has announced it will discontinue the horrible practice of capturing live animals and making money off of their captivity. Of course, Sea World makes the spin that they were *cough* educating the public about Orcas and it was because of them that the public learned of orcas. Yes and no. They did not inform the public that orcas are not known to kill in the wild, but only in captivity, as Tillikum did. They also did not inform the public of the forced breeding. Or why the dorsal fins flopped over in captivity and were not that way in the wild. Sea World’s sincerity is in question at their PR push after the film Blackfish spurred public outcry.
    And yes, I still think they should release Tillikum back into the waters they captured him. He may not last. but what if he did only for a week of freedom? I’m willing to bet that he would take it. I know that I would.

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