The Pushback against Education profiteers

Fred Klonsky has this up on people making their opinions known of Rahm….and Dick Durbin more worried about image than why people are booing…..

They fail to acknowledge that the closing of public schools but paying $50 million for a new sports arena might be a reason people are pissed off.  The city is on fire….but we’re more worried about fluff than substance.

I have no words.  because partying like it’s 1999 is what all educators should be promoting…./very snarky

Teaching Inequity had a commenter post a link to this on Teach for America and its deficits.

Diane Ravitch has a post up on the growing opposition to Kevin Huffman, the ex-husband of Michelle Rhee.

Someone posted a link to this blog of Momma Bears.  I loved it just from the title alone, but really loved the tenacity behind the post.   Excellent points made about the decision making coming from the top down—number four is especially poignant reminder of taxation without representation.  Notice the Atmosphere of Fear so that even though folks disagree strongly, they won’t speak out because of revenge by those in power (kind of like Mitch Daniels’ reputation for being punitive towards anyone who opposes him).  Number six is also taking it out of local control with people who don’t care about the kids, parents, and teachers affected by their decisions…again taxation without representation.

Department of Human Cattle.  <sigh>  If the teachers feel this way, just imagine how the kids must feel….

And the kids know what is going on:

One child explained those tests as, “the tests everyone had to take to determine who the smart and dumb kids are for Intervention groups.”


That is just sad that these stupid tests are further isolating kids who are already struggling.  It has to be even more frustrating to be constantly taken out of the regular class to go to “intervention”.    All the kids see the “dumb” kid leave….all of them knowing he or she is not up to speed.  When I got yelled at by the regular teacher for falling behind on her schedule, it was because I was trying to help the kids that weren’t understanding the math lesson for the day.  Knowing what I know now, it could have been the math lesson was too advanced for that grade level.  It could have been because it was my first day and I wasn’t explaining it in a way that they understood.  It could have been that the kids just needed more time to let the lesson soak in, as they say, but No Child Left a Mind/Race to the Bottom are so regimented they don’t have that extra time….we have to move on to the next segment (which is why the teacher yelled at me–not making excuses for her, but it threw her whole schedule off).

Note the preferential treatment to charter school providers that contribute to political campaigns.  It would seem that Indiana is not the only state being run by crooks.

And from the link on the PTA drinking the Gates Kool-Aid after receiving millions in funding:

Receives $1 million grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to engage parents in four states

CHICAGO — – National PTA is positioning itself as a key player at the front line of education reform.  The association today announced a new three-year effort to mobilize parents to advance key education priorities, beginning with common core state standards—a voluntary, state-led, internationally benchmarked set of high academic standards in English language arts and mathematics. A $1 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will help support the effort.


Notice how this is worded:  “key player”  (Very Important Persons);  “front line”  (this is a war, dontcha know);  and of course “education reform” (because we have to make up some term to make the public believe something needs to be done and we know what that something is…) ; “mobilize parents” (sounds like they want parent involvement, eh?  Not so fast–they only want parent involvement of the parents that agree with what they are doing);  “voluntary” anything in this heavy-handed education reform is a misnomer–you either play along or we’ll cut your funding/teachers/close your school by withholding tax dollars.

Taken from the Tea Party playbook:

Stand on Children hires gullible parents to wear free t-shirts at school board meetings and political events.  They’ve chartered buses and taken groups of brand-new-T-shirt-wearing people and adorable kids-in-new-t-shirts (who had no clue that they were props for a political agenda) to Nashville during the legislative session.


A Wall Streeter explains the gold mine of education…..which has little to do with educating kids and everything to do with makin’ the big bucks.

Funny (or sadly, not)  lines:

…this process inevitably involves siphoning off a few tens of billions from the generous teat of the US taxpayers. But only carpers or whiners could object to the risk-bearing shareholders extracting proper compensation for the hard work of following their stocks on Yahoo and opening their monthly brokerage statements.


K12…. increasing revenue at an astounding annualized 30% rate since 2008.

(be sure to click on Teach for America co-founder Whitney Tilson link:

[…]  Says shorts have cost him and his investors “a fortune” over the past 4 1/2 years. 

At the bottom, they hilariously put “send stock tips to” their email addy.  By the way, Price to Earnings is an actual tool for investment–it is a main indicator of how fair a stock was priced according to the company’s performance.

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