The stories of vaccine-induced illness

One of the members of the autism/mercury support group posted the following story, with her permission, I’m posting it to give folks an idea of how devastating the Big Lie is:

I sat by my brothers bedside while he had the measles. I think my mother
  hoped we would get it and be done with it and have LIFETIME IMMUNITY. Then
  the immune system would be stronger to fight the next more virulent enemy
  that comes along.

  I got talked into given Prevnar to my child when he was a baby. At that
  time it contained a lot of thimerosal. It is supposed to prevent pneumonia
  and meningitis. My son got the full course of shots.

  Of course he descended into autism – severe/non-verbal and his immune
  system was wrecked so he was also diagnosed with an immune disorder NOS
  (what they call it when they haven’t got a clue or don” t want to admit
  what caused it. My son has now had too many bouts of bronchitis to count,
  nine bouts of pneumonia, and we just got out of the hospital for meningitis
  though they aren’t sure whether it was viral or bacterial they are treating
  it as bacterial so for the rest of the week I get to flush a pic line with
  saline, administer IV antibiotics, flush again with saline and then do a
  Heparin flush twice a day. this is the SECOND time in his life he has
  gotten meningitis. The first time we were able to be sure it was viral.
  BUT STILL. How many thirteen year olds do you know who’ve had pneumonia
  nine times and meningitis twice? I never knew any child with these
  problems except vaguely a boy in my brother’ s class who caught meningitis.
  I only knew one boy in our whole school who had asthma. Things have
  changed greatly since the sixties. It seems now EVERY kid has some problem

  My son was normal and HEALTHY before he got those fifteen month shots. He
  was talking. We were living the American Dream. He would have recovered
  form measles n about ten days to two weeks with PROPER CARE. What he got
  instead will last a lifetime.

  He is now high functioning and very verbal thanks to AC chelation and
  biomed, but his immune system, though improved, will still take some time.
  At least we have reduced his yearly infection rate by more than half, so I
  think we are on the right road.

  I have NO idea how my son could have caught meningitis. We home school.
  He is not around a lot of kids. We don’t go to crowded places. Sometimes
  it just has to do with an individual’s immune system on any given day.
  Giving a shot is NO guarantee.I gave Prevnar and it did not prevent the
  ear infections, pneumonia, no meningitis it claims to. WE all had the MMR
  as children and my brother caught measles anyway. My sister caught mumps

  Good nutrition, metabolic supports, CLEAN water, clean air, good sanitation
  practices, and good hygiene go a LONG way in preserving health. Be sure
  your child is getting enough probiotics, and know the signs of measles and
  treat accordingly if it occurs. Plenty of vitamin D3 and vitamin C are
  important IMO.

  I know this is a “Sophie;s” kind of choice it seems, but I watched in
  horror has my son changed after vaccination and I just cannot risk losing
  him again that way. but If he were bit by a rabid animal or my neighbors
  were dropping form some illness there were a vaccine for, I could see it
  then perhaps, but I am not going to freak out over the fear mongering.
  Measles is way more benign than meningitis or rabies. Now they talk about
  it as if it were leprosy and that is how they portray it on television. In
  the early part of the twentieth century, they used to have parties so kids
  would catch measles, mumps, and chicken pox. Now they want you to think
  that catching any illness is bad when it is not. PLEASE read, “Survival of
  the Sickest.”

  IN the end – and this is just for me- I had to return to MY faith and I do
  believe though I am no holy roller, but I do have faith. My Lord instructs
  me not to fear and to trust in HIM in ALL things. It is NOT easy at times.
  I spent quite a bit of time in the hospital chapel this time on my knees,
  and I was scared because I love my son with all my heart and meningitis is
  dangerous and I knew he could die. But we as parents did the best we could
 do, and the doctors and nurses did the best they could do and they
  respected our views and my son’s medical exemption. And we got through it.

  I KNOW vaccines did this to my child, and I will not risk him losing all we
  have fought so hard to gain. If he catches something natural that is one
  thing, but to me be damaged by a man made thing again without the makers
  being held accountable, I cannot bear.


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