Beyond Vietnam…Beyond war and poverty

Fred Klonsky has a blog up making note of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech.  One wouldn’t know that Dr. King gave more than one speech by listening to the talking heads…I have rarely heard any reference to the Beyond Vietnam speech, in which he had very strong words against poverty and war.

Many have noted that the Rev. King would have been appalled at the anti-unionists trying to destroy not only the teacher’s unions but public education, as well.  Indeed, he was trying to help unionize waste workers when he was assassinated.

Another thing that is not acknowledged is how Dr. King was abandoned by many in the African American community whom had stood by him during the Civil Rights marches, but when he began to advocate for the poor and speak strongly against Vietnam, they told him they could not support him.  He told friends that he felt abandoned, but he knew what he was doing was right–as a religious man, he knew that he could not stand by and be silent.  God would expect him to speak out.

A past blog here on MLK….”now that he is safely dead…”

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