First Graders expected to know 6th through 12th grade levels **edited

This is outrageous.  There is no way a first grader, who can barely tie their shoes, can be expected to understand subjects that are more geared towards 6th through 12th grades.

I mean just look at the complexity:

Explain the
importance of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and the use of
to support farming and the development
of the city of Babylon;

Explain the significance of the
Code of Hammurabi;

Describe the city of
Babylon and the Hanging Gardens;
Describe how a civilization evolves
and changes over time;

Explain that much of what we know about ancient
is because of the work of archaeologists;

Identify Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as major monotheistic world

Answer questions that require making interpretations, judgments, or
giving opinions
about what is heard in a nonfiction/informational read-aloud,
including answering why questions that require recognizing
cause/effect relationships;


This is but a glimpse of it–see more on Diane’s website.

Unreal.  I didn’t even learn about the code of Hammurabi until I was in college studying ancient Greek history!!  As you can see by the link, this is complicated material–too complicated for a first grader to know!  OMG. As others commented, this is child abuse.

And let’s touch on the elephant in the room–the teaching of religion in a public school.  It does not belong there.  If one wants their child to have religious instruction, they can enroll them in a parochial school.    After all the bloodshed throughout the centuries over who had the “right” religion, it is stunning that people continue to try to force religion upon others…the lesson lost is that we have no right to push our religion upon others–everyone has the right to find their own spiritual path.

And what is glaringly omitted from the religious instruction, as seen here, are what Jesus taught–he provided loaves and fishes when people were hungry; he healed the sick and touched those with leprosy when no one else would (much like AIDS); he overturned the tables of the moneychangers (bankers) whom had set up shop in the temple–something the religious leaders had allowed.   He had a woman as a trusted companion, in a time when women were not respected nor regarded as equals.  He lived the golden rule of doing unto others as one would have done to you (this is also noticeably absent from the requirements–they fail to mention that all religions have that belief.)

Jesus promoted things that the conservatives rail against….

Anyway, these requirements are not psychologically sound.   No one in their right mind would think these requirements are in line with the brain and social development of a seven year old.

Hey, I know what–let’s drive these poor children into depression and low self-esteem so that Big Pharma can make more $$ drugging them up with antidepressants and happy pills…./snark

**edited to correct psychology

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