Kerry pushing for war

The more John Kerry talks….the more I’m getting the “weapons of mass destruction lie” feeling….the urgency to push us into war is unsettling…and undiplomatic.  I suspect Israel is the real reason we’re being told we have no choice but to fire upon them….

This from Jim White at emptywheel.  Let’s just say he’s not to happy with President Obama for once again getting us into war.  I do like his take on “Blurred Lines” however.  Nice to see a guy stand up and be counted.

The Racism of Charter Schools

Ani McHugh, a high school English teacher in New Jersey has a letter to Bill Gates and questions all the evidence pointing to racism.

Also from teacherbiz blog, she has this up–requesting that Arne Duncan and all of the pro-testing, testing, testing reformers take the  tests they require of the kids and publish their results.

…because we need to know if they are qualified to run schools.

Forcing chemo

This is outrageous.  The child does not want it.  The parents do not want it.  But a gov’t bureaucrat has once again decided they know what’s best for someone else better than they do.

I would want to know their genetic background–most Amish came from Dutch/German stock…so it is possible that this family has the dreaded gluten intolerance and her immune system might be unable to fight off the cancer due to an inflamed gut.  Not to mention whatever chemicals she has been exposed to from industry and farming.

But…no…the medical nazi’s will force her to take a highly toxic chemical that may or may not cure her of cancer.  And they will turn their heads if by chance she is cured of this cancer, but later on develops yet another, more aggressive form of cancer due to the toxic chemicals they are putting into her now.

Like I have said many times–if I am stricken, I won’t go the chemo route, but try to fight it naturally and let nature take its course.

No one should be forced to take any medical treatment.  Ever.


Beyond Vietnam…Beyond war and poverty

Fred Klonsky has a blog up making note of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech.  One wouldn’t know that Dr. King gave more than one speech by listening to the talking heads…I have rarely heard any reference to the Beyond Vietnam speech, in which he had very strong words against poverty and war.

Many have noted that the Rev. King would have been appalled at the anti-unionists trying to destroy not only the teacher’s unions but public education, as well.  Indeed, he was trying to help unionize waste workers when he was assassinated.

Another thing that is not acknowledged is how Dr. King was abandoned by many in the African American community whom had stood by him during the Civil Rights marches, but when he began to advocate for the poor and speak strongly against Vietnam, they told him they could not support him.  He told friends that he felt abandoned, but he knew what he was doing was right–as a religious man, he knew that he could not stand by and be silent.  God would expect him to speak out.

A past blog here on MLK….”now that he is safely dead…”

NY Times hacked

I was wondering if this was a joke or the real thing–apparently the site was hacked….but whodunnit?  A Syrian Electronic Army claimed responsibility.  What is really bad is that rival news organizations were taking advantage of the situation instead of…you know…pulling together as Americans against a perceived foreign threat.  Disgusting.

Rupert Murdoch, is a foreign owner (WSJ) and his motives and ethics are highly suspect.  For him to take advantage of a situation like this should be sounding alarm bells.  This is why it was put into Communication and Media laws to restrict foreign ownership of our media.

So I went looking for the latest....and yes, they are trying to *cough* reform alien ownership rules.  Reform is beginning to be a dirty word to me.  It’s doublespeak where the word means something new and progressive, but in real time is a step backward…

From the first link:

The Commission already had in place a policy of reviewing potential foreign ownership in non-broadcast companies where, through a petition for declaratory ruling, a company could seek FCC approval for ownership, and even control, of these entities by non-US citizens or companies. In the recent proceeding, the FCC made such investment even easier, in very general terms easing certain reporting requirements for alien ownership where the interest of a specific alien investor was less than 5% (10 % in some instances), and also allowing an alien individual or group, once approved, to increase ownership without further approval (if the interest is a minority ownership interest, to 49%, and if it was controlling, to 100%), as long as the interest in possibly doing so is revealed in the original request for approval. Allowing investments by affiliates of the foreign owner, and allowing the company that is approved to seek additional licenses, all without additional approvals, was also allowed in many instances.


And doing things in the public interest is a joke.  It’s not the public’s interest they are kowtowing to….but corporations whom have given less and less to consumers while demanding more $$.  The public interest is not being served.


I was stunned the other night when I saw that Duchess Katherine had lost so much of her pregnancy weight that she is nearly back to her anorexic looking self.  No, I’m not going to apologize for saying that, either, if someone thinks I’m being too harsh.  Kate looked healthy before she became engaged and then she lost more weight making her look anorexic to me.  It is not healthy and I strongly suspect it is the reason she was so violently nauseated in the first few months of her pregnancy.

Now we have media obsessed with her returning to her pre-baby weight.. Sweet Jesus they were after her the DAY after she had given birth

Good Grief, it took me two years to lose the weight after giving birth.  And I exercised with aerobics but ate normally.  You cannot lose 60 lbs. or so in a month’s time in a healthy way.  It can’t be done.

It’s occurred to me that perhaps Kate’s breastfeeding could account for some of the weight loss–but I’m sure that wouldn’t be more than 20 lbs.

Anyway, the whole warped obsession needs to be nixed.  It’s not healthy—mentally or physically.


Not for the queasy


So, I guess there is a drink called a Sourtoe Cocktail which involves drinking with a human toe.  Oh.My.God.  the picture alone is enough to make you want to toss your waffles…ick

…and then the more disturbing aspect of this is….where did they get that toe?  Grave Robbers?  Unethical Funeral Home Directors?  Well, the folks in the comments section say they are donated….um-hmmm..