Art Speaks

Faith Ringgold has used art to express her feelings during the 60s Civil Rights protests/riots.  I love the storytelling aspect of quilts and especially the artsy ones, such as Ringgold’s.

Quilts were ingeniously used in the underground railroad to help slaves escape. …or so I thought…now historians are disputing that.  Here is a blog on the controversy.    It is kind of weird talking about yourself in the third person in this way–why not just explain who you are and why you wrote this book?  Anyway, he does have good points about the stories behind quilts.  A commenter said that crazy quilts–quilts that are put together using cloth scraps–were not around when the underground railroad was in force.  But I question that because slaves would have had to use scraps to put together quilts–they would not have had the funds to purchase new cloth to sew with, so it makes sense to me that crazy quilts would have been in use.

More here on the controversy.  A really good page on the history….and if anyone had any doubts that history is subjective, this page will remove that doubt.

These times were steeped in storytelling, so it would not surprise me to learn that quilters wove stories into their quilts.  And then some may not–artistic expression is highly individualistic–different mediums for different folks.

Anyway, I learned something today.  Hope you did, too.

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