A positive image of women

Emme, the woman-as-a-model, had some positive words to say about being….well…a normal size woman….she loathes the term “plus size” and I do, too.

From the article:

“I think the word ‘plus-sized’ is really a derogatory term for anyone that just happens to have a curve,” Emme told Billy Bush and guest co-host Holly Robinson Peete on Friday’s Access Hollywood Live.


As I’ve said in previous blogs, the pressure put on women to be super skinny is unhealthy.  It’s not realistic.

Truly, looking at the women called “sexeee” by men’s magazines….with no hips and fake boobs…their body shape more closely resembles a man’s….hmmmm….

Or it seems that mature women’s bodies are the objection—i.e., after childbirth.  When I think of some of the biggest stars…I see the women as more popular when they had young girl figures…really creepy when you think about it.

Sophia Loren would be called fat nowadays….

…and it’s not just the U.S. where women are affected.  Be forewarned–this video shows the progression of the disease and it is very difficult to watch:

Peace be with you, Anna in Russia, and all the women of the world.

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