Continuing the culture of rape UPDATE 8.24.19

A blogger who brought attention to the Steubenville rape case has had his home raided by the FBI.  Yep.  Deric Lostutter has revealed his true identity due to the raid.  Really? They’re going after someone who exposed the complacency of a police dept and public who thought it was okay to rape a woman?

From the story:

At first, he thought the FBI agent at the door was with FedEx. “As I open the door to greet the driver, approximately 12 FBI SWAT team agents jumped out of the truck, screaming for me to ‘Get the fuck down!’ with M-16 assault rifles and full riot gear, armed, safety off, pointed directly at my head,” Lostutter wrote today on his blog. “I was handcuffed and detained outside while they cleared my house.”


Lostutter believes that the Steubenville authorities requested the FBI raid.  See…politicians really don’t want to be held accountable and they resent anyone who tries to do just that.


My blog on it here.

Some links on the Steubenville case From Prinnefield:

Solidarity for Jane Doe.

Occupy Steubenville

Clearing Defamation Rumors

Bystanders and Blamers

Did they pinkie swear?

Steubenville Facts

Well…this is interesting…while on the Prinnefield website, I suddenly lost the ability to connect with the page showing the video of the creeps laughing about the rape and about peeing on the victim.  Now I can’t get on the main page at all….


UPDATE 8.24.19:

A lot of the links are dead, so I went to the website and found she had an update on the horrible case here. 

Trent Mays is accused of assault again.  These predators do not change their behavior.  Over and over again, I have seen where rapists are repeat offenders….just to be let out again.

There is a documentary, but I am unable to access it right now to give any comment.








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