…I’m here….waiting for the crash, so to speak….this is usually the day that I start to feel the effects of the round…

Anyhoo, I’m here.

I thought I’d post the symptoms of mercury poisoning again for the benefit of those who might be new here.

This page is very informative.  You can see the dramatic effect of the mercury poisoning on her. In 2010, my face slightly drooped but not quite as dramatically as hers.  But I was severely toxic, there is no doubt.

Before I self-diagnosed myself, I was so sick that I was sleeping only four hours per night.  My chronic fatigue was so bad that after work,  it was all I could do to fix dinner and then crash the rest of the night.  It’s hard to admit, but my dishes went unwashed for days because of the exhaustion.  I also had hand tremors along with the severe short term memory loss.  It was during this period that I forgot my own children’s names!   I truly believe that I had Parkinsons’.  I was afraid to tell anyone what was going on.   It was a terrible, lonely period.

Thank God I was led to the cause of my symptoms.  My Guardian Angel kept putting “mercury” in front of me.  Like most people, I trusted my dentist to tell me the truth and doctor to be smart enough to diagnose what was wrong.  It was hard to go against what I was being told and what my symptoms were telling me.

What a miracle the body truly is that I could be that sick and recover from it. (Or I should say continue to recover from it.)

I have been blessed.


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