A really good piece here  on Syria and the general Middle East.  I like how it addresses the entire problem, not just the problem du jour.  Just in the last few days, have I heard of the Hezbollah connection to Assad’s side.  This is major news.  And helps one to understand why Israel suddenly starts launching an attack.  They can say what they want, but it would appear that Israel is in it for the entire conflict, not a specific target, as they claim.

On CSPAN this morning, a writer for daily beast/Newsweek (sorry, forgot the name) was addressing Syria and Benghazi.  A caller calls in with a foreign accent and speaks of how many in Syria have been against Assad, but are now so afraid.  He asserts (and I agree) that most Muslim people do not condone what Al Queda has done–they are aghast at the violence and will not participate in it.  But they are cornered–they are in fear for themselves and their families and they have to be able to get food and water and shelter.  The CSPAN host asks where he is from?  Answer:  Syria.  Do you still have family there?  Answer:  Yes.  How are they doing?  Answer:  They are afraid and want Assad out.  I believe he said they wanted democracy, too.

Another caller had said that we are broke.  We can’t afford to get into another war.  We need a war tax if we’re going to go in.

I have to admit I’ve been torn about Syria.  I feel strongly against letting some creep murder people.  At the same time, like the guy said, we’re broke.  We cannot afford to go in again to a country and wage war.  Only if they tax the rich can we afford to go in….because the middle class and the working poor can’t do it–they can barely put food on the table for their own families.


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