Four Dead in Ohio…

A guardsmen who shot at the students, and by this article, doesn’t appear to be sorry for what he did.

Oliver Stone is making the trip to Ohio to speak at the dedication of the Visitors Center. Gah, I wish I had the money for gas to go to hear him speak.

A live podcast of David Miller, a witness to that horrible day at Kent State.

My post last year.


And let’s not forget the shootings at Jackson State, shootings of students a little more than a week later.

**Edited to add:  Indiana’s own Senator Birch Bayh had told the Ohio governor that Norman may have fired the first shot, making the Guard think they were being fired upon.

According to FBI reports, one part-time student, Terry Norman, was already noted by student protesters as an informant for both campus police and the Akron FBI branch. Norman was present during the May 4 protests, taking photographs to identify student leaders,[47] while carrying a sidearm and wearing a gas mask.

In 1970, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover responded to questions from then-Congressman John Ashbrook by denying that Norman had ever worked for the FBI, a statement Norman himself disputed.[48] On August 13, 1973, Indiana Senator Birch Bayh sent a memo to then-governor of Ohio John J. Gilligan suggesting that Norman may have fired the first shot, based on testimony he [Bayh] received from guardsmen who claimed that a gunshot fired from the vicinity of the protesters instigated the Guard to open fire on the students.[49]

Throughout the 40 years since the shootings, debate has continued on about the events of May 4, 1970.[50][51]

Two of the survivors have died: James Russell on June 23, 2007;[52] and Robert Stamps in June 2008.[53]


And Birch Bayh, you recall, was a target of what would eventually become the Tea Party conservatives.   I can’t help but think that his dedication and quest for the truth was a factor in him becoming a target.



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