…I’m here….waiting for the crash, so to speak….this is usually the day that I start to feel the effects of the round…

Anyhoo, I’m here.

I thought I’d post the symptoms of mercury poisoning again for the benefit of those who might be new here.

This page is very informative.  You can see the dramatic effect of the mercury poisoning on her. In 2010, my face slightly drooped but not quite as dramatically as hers.  But I was severely toxic, there is no doubt.

Before I self-diagnosed myself, I was so sick that I was sleeping only four hours per night.  My chronic fatigue was so bad that after work,  it was all I could do to fix dinner and then crash the rest of the night.  It’s hard to admit, but my dishes went unwashed for days because of the exhaustion.  I also had hand tremors along with the severe short term memory loss.  It was during this period that I forgot my own children’s names!   I truly believe that I had Parkinsons’.  I was afraid to tell anyone what was going on.   It was a terrible, lonely period.

Thank God I was led to the cause of my symptoms.  My Guardian Angel kept putting “mercury” in front of me.  Like most people, I trusted my dentist to tell me the truth and doctor to be smart enough to diagnose what was wrong.  It was hard to go against what I was being told and what my symptoms were telling me.

What a miracle the body truly is that I could be that sick and recover from it. (Or I should say continue to recover from it.)

I have been blessed.


Energy regulation

CSPAN featured Jon Wellinghoff, chairman of Federal Energy Regulatory  Commission.  Politico has this up.

A couple of callers commented on Wellinghoff’s demeanor.  He seemed to be no-nonsense.  He was formerly a consumer energy advocate.  It seemed that he was pro-consumer…but I couldn’t shake a bad feeling I had…

…he mentioned fracking as a viable practice for extracting natural gas at least two or three times during the short interview…and my heart began to sink…

He barely mentioned off grid and solar power, although when he did mention it, it was in a positive light.  What I would like to see is federal support for off grid classes in communities.  Let people create their own power for their needs, instead of huge coal plants and monstrous pipelines that spill oil (something else he said he was for.)

I hope that I’m wrong, but I can’t shake the feeling that he’s going towards the fracking industry.  He kept repeating that it could be done in an environmentally sound way.  Bullshit.

A woman caller had the same sentiment as me when she revealed that she is suffering from breast cancer due to methane gas released from fracking.  She said that he was feeding people a line and that her own governor was selling her state out from under the people.  (Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the state.)

Wellinghoff would not back down and repeated that fracking could be done in an environmentally friendly way. <sigh> So…another former consumer advocate has been bought off…


Speaking of pipelines….

Why am I hearing about this after the fact?  Where was public radio BEFORE this took place?

And the Save the Dunes group apparently knew about it but, hey, as long as Enbridge *cough* promises to not spill any of its nasty ole’ oil into our rivers, lakes, and streams, hey, it’s okay with them….because, you know, Enbridge has such a stellar history of concern for the environment and the people and animals that inhabit it.  /very snarky, indeed.

From the article:

“IDEM, through its certification, is allowing Enbridge to disregard alternate pipeline routes and other opportunities to reduce and eliminate water quality impacts, in likely violation of the Clean Water Act,” said Kim Ferraro, staff attorney at the Hoosier Environmental Council.

Both Michigan and Illinois have laws governing interstate pipeline routing, requiring companies to assess environmental and community risks, but currently Indiana does not.

Good Grief….my head is about to explode…




Lo siento

Oy.  I meant “Lo siento” yesterday…which means “sorry” in Spanish.  Geesh.  Okay, I think I need to take a little break while chelating because it’s obviously affecting me a lot.  I’m happy, though, because it’s the first time since I think October that I’ve tried to chelate and so far, it’s going pretty well.  I expect that it’s affecting me a little more because it’s been so long since I’ve tried to chelate.

See you in a few…

AG – GAG hits a snag…

(sorry, couldn’t help myself)

It would seem that the attempts by the ALEC groups to infringe on the First Amendment right to speak out have been thwarted…at least for now.

Stories here.

Be sure to click on the link for the Amy Meyer story.  Chilling.

And Indiana drops it for the year.  Knowing how they like to bring stuff under the radar, I’ll assume that it will be back next year and voted in when attention is diverted elsewhere…

Vision for the Blind

NBC has this up on re-thinking vision.  (hat tip to val kilmer’s retweet .)

“We’re not going to hit you with our cane….

…well, not unless you deserve it…”


bwahahaha. Best line ever.  :p

In our “perfectionist” society, we are so judgmental and disappointed if things aren’t perfect.  This piece is so inspiring in that it highlights the need to back away from that thinking and enjoy and relish the not so perfect.

And once again it reinforces the idea that everyone has something to contribute to life on Earth….that we all have our hidden gifts to bring forth, if we could only recognize that the jocks and beauty queens and privileged are not the only worthy people…

…and that people are not the only worthy things on Earth…that everything–the plants, the animals, the birds–everything has a purpose and a gift to give.


Cheap Entertainment

We spotted a bird yesterday that we didn’t recognize.  I thought it was a tufted titmouse because of the plumage…but when I looked it up, there weren’t any with the brilliant yellow tips on its tail and belly.

Ahhh…it was a cedar waxwing.

What a gorgeous bird.~

We’ve put out food for the Hummingbird feeder.  Our resident Oriole was coming regularly but suddenly stopped.  I suppose it’s found a food source from another area.  It is another beautiful bird and has a beautiful song, as well.

The hummingbirds are comical.  They are soooo tiny–no longer than my pinky finger.  The male’s throat lights up when it drinks, making it look like a red beacon. They are so fast and zip backwards as they leave the feeder.

Cheap entertainment, indeed. 🙂



Voices Raised

Here’s coverage of the worldwide March Against Monsanto.  Common Dreams. Twitter March Against Monsanto.

On the twitter account is a tweet from Brian Dunning ( whom has put up his own video on how great GMO is…and how we’re just poor, confused individuals who just…don’t…understand…science and how good it is for you.  The video is condescending, to say the least.  It also ignores the problems that GMO food creates not only for humans, but for the animals, as well.  It does not explore the problems of inflammation that GMO food creates in the body, especially for Celiac’s.  It does not discuss the lack of a gene that creates an enzyme that can digest the GM organism.  Our bodies have specific enzymes created to absorb nutrients from food…this video blatantly ignores that.

It also ignores that Bt corn has an effect not only undesirable caterpillars, but also on butterflies, which emerge from caterpillars.  As I noted in previous blogs about last August, when willy worms should be crawling all over the place…I saw only a few while driving country roads.  And not only that, but the bug population has also dwindled, as I had only one bug hit my windshield as I drove.  Normally, it would be plastered with them and I would be grumbling about having to clean the windshield….

Note the irrelevant question he keeps asking–that a person shouldn’t ask if GMO is good or bad and comparing that to typewriters and computers.  It’s condescending  and it’s a bait and switch communication technique…ask questions that lead the viewer away from the real questions…such as is this garbage harming me, the animals, and the ability to keep heirloom seeds free from modification via pollen from GM crops?? Note that he again using a condescending tone when making the blanket statement “they don’t know what they’re talking about…”  Asking if a book is good or bad is an opinion of the reader…which is irrelevant when talking about food–the reactions caused by GM are not opinions–they are direct reactions to the inability to digest a food due to a lack of a gene for such digestion.  We cannot digest when we don’t have the correct genetic makeup to do so.

(Note that he and his brother were indicted on wire fraud charges. And apparently plead guilty.  Yeah, not exactly an ethical person.  Can you say Big Pharma toadie?  I knew that you could.)



Ten Things Charter Schools Won’t Tell You; and the Modern Day Witch Hunt

(**edited to fix  links. Oops.)

Diane Ravitch has a link up to this piece on the dirty little secrets of charter schools.  Everything that parents want in education is not in these schools.  They’re all fluff and no substance.  They’re not there to educate, but to collect funds. (it is so arrogant to think that you don’t have to be audited…you’re using the public funds for your endeavor–you better have your books open to the public. Gah…where have we heard this before?  IRS, anyone?)

They dump the learning disabled and behavioral cases.

I also clicked on the link to the “Ten Things Your School District Won’t Tell You” and have a few quibbles with the writer.  One is the licensing thing–Indiana has required licenses from teachers and not only that, but that they further their education into Master’s degrees–at least they used to.  I can’t say whether that is still true–I haven’t checked it lately…and with Governor Daniels’ assault on the public education in Indiana, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if that standard has lapsed. )

Another thing I have a quibble with is the student-teacher ratio.  People want to have smaller class size?  Then you better be prepared to spend more in tax dollars towards the amount of teachers in the school.  But no…we can’t spend tax money on schools…we need to spend it on the military industrial complex because of a boogey-man enemy….meanwhile, our society crumbles all around…


Ravitch also has another blog up with this link to the continuing meanness of the Queen of Mean, Leona Helmsley,. whom uttered the line:  “Only the little people pay taxes….”

(gotta love the snarky style of the writer…heh.)


Courage and ethics.

…something tells me that you won’t see this with Charter school teachers. Nope.  Nor would I think they would lay down their lives for their students, as we saw with the Oklahoma tornado.  I’m sure there will be exceptions to the rule, but as a general application…I just don’t see that kind of caring about the kids.  It’s hard to care about something when you’re looking at it with $$ in your eyes….

speaking of which.

Incredible.  Just incredible.  The game is on, folks.  Be aware of anything that plays on your emotions…as these opportunists are doing…look how they have tried to using anger, outrage, and the ever effective “don’t be a dummy and let them get away with whatever it is WE say they’re doing”  and the “us versus them” divisional tactics.


And now we have the modern day “witch hunt” where it only takes a few disgruntled people to start a whispering campaign, or in this case, a petition drive, to disparage and ultimately permanently damage someone. (from Ravitch’s blog here.) (and the fact that it is once again a woman who is the target speaks volumes.)

I can’t get past this:

Parent leader Llury Garcia said that although her second-grade daughter has done fairly well at Weigand, Cobian was inaccessible and rude. She and other petition backers were assisted by Parent Revolution, a Los Angeles nonprofit that lobbied for the parent trigger law and is aiding overhaul efforts at several other Los Angeles campuses.


…although her second-grade daughter has done fairly well at Weigard….mindboggling—just mindboggling….that this parent would start a drive to oust her because she wasn’t “accessible” and perhaps was curt with her.  No telling what Garcia did that would warrant a crisp reply.  It says more about Garcia than about Cobian, as you read that Cobian was very accessible to the kids and frequently popped into the classrooms.  And the parent whose child had academic and behavioral issues…well, I don’t know the parent or the child personally, but what I do know is that the parent has to take responsibility towards the child’s education and is perhaps responsible for the behavioral issues (not always, as there are other factors in behavior, but the ultimate responsibility is the parents’. )  I mean, I have seen children come to school without breakfast!  And the parent expects the child to learn on an empty stomach?  Or worse, blame the teacher because the child can’t concentrate because they’re hungry…?!! (Or perhaps with this economy, the parent is poor and not able to provide a good nutritious breakfast…)

I have seen parents who don’t want to take responsibility…and expect the schools to be miracle workers.  They won’t put out the effort towards their own kids…


…and then there is the subtext–I can’t help but wonder if Cobian is a liberal/progressive and Garcia is a conservative….just throwing that out there…