Haiti food shortage and disappearing money

As if these folks don’t have enough to deal with–Haiti is in serious trouble with food shortages due not only to the after-effects of the 2010 earthquake, but from drought and flood…  Good Grief.  (Incidentally, I first read about this on a Guardian blog which is “supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”–I refuse to link to it because of the so-called “doomsday seed bank” which is a megalomaniacal venture.  Playing God with seeds–and you can bet it won’t be the “little people” who will partake in the seed distribution if “doomsday” occurs…if you want to read the Guardian article, you’ll have to search for it yourselves.)

I know it sounds so “out there” reading the above link—but Monsanto has a proven record of destruction, not production.  And the Rockefellers have put money into eugenics.  Given Bill Gates’ business practices (by requiring a monopoly of his products, he shut out better operating systems, therefore acquiring his millions by false means–not true capitalism where the best product gets the market share.)

I couldn’t believe what I was reading in the article about corn being engineered to contain spermicide.  So…I looked on the web and found this by Alternet.  Wow.

This was an interesting quote:

Scientists and corporations alike embrace biopharmaceuticals with glee: “Imagine being able to harvest enough globulin (a compound that fights arthritis) for the whole world in all of fifty acres?” writes Dr. William O. Robertson for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “Imagine being able to find the protein healthy people use to prevent arthritis or breast cancer and being able to produce it in large quantities in rice and tobacco.”


It’s just stunning how myopic these scientists are—especially with the knowledge that GM corn and other products are suspected of causing gut inflammation from GMO intolerance??  Destroying the immune system….to make people…better??  Note that he includes tobacco in products to be used by folks….yeah, now there’s a healthy product. /snark

As Brian Tokar brings up in the article, there are too many unknowns–it’s always an oversight by scientists to consider the effects to all of nature and how much humans’ health is affected by nature.

Here’s another article on pharming….and it’s in Indiana, where you can get away with anything while the press and politicians look the other way:          popsci.com/scitech/article/2005-06/pharming-underground

And another article here…also in Indiana:  intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/WSIHW000/8124/21291/338465.html


Okay, back to Haiti (sorry, got a little off topic there–am detoxing and I’m ADD a little more than usual. 🙂

The Guardian article brings up getting seeds to Haitians (and Africans)—which I thought was a great idea…until I saw the Gates Foundation and Monsanto supporting this….not hard to see that it is a propaganda piece to benefit them.  It can’t be just “coincidence” that they are in a deal with Monsanto and now promoting this idea of seeds to Haiti.  My fear is that these poor vulnerable folks are the guinea pigs for the Gates/Rockefeller/Monsanto venture. Disaster capitalism, my friends.

The misspent donations in Haiti.  Glad to see that people are still trying to help Haiti recover.  Haiti has to be the poster country for disaster relief mismanagement!

From the article:


In March 2010, UN countries pledged $5.3 billion over two years and a total of $9.9 billion over three years in a conference March 2010. The money was to be deposited with the World Bank and distributed by an internationally controlled fund called the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission Fund (IHRC). The IHRC was co-chaired by Bill Clinton and Jean-Max Bellerive, then the Haitian Prime Minister. 41 The IHRC was created by executive order of Haitian President Preval to exist for a period of 18 months beginning on April 21, 2010.42

This money effectively bypassed all the Haitian public governmental bodies. 43

By July 2010, Bill Clinton reported only 10 percent of the pledges had been given to the IHRC.


Feeling that they functioned solely as rubber stamps, the Haitian members complained of being “completely disconnected from the activities of the IHRC”; given no background information on the projects they are supposed to fund; given no time to “read, nor analyze, nor understand- and much less respond intelligently- to projects submitted”; no follow-up on the previously approved millions in funds; and not knowing the names of IHRC consultants nor their respective tasks.” As if to prove their point the IHRC meeting, held in the Dominican Republic, continued despite the absence of co-chair and Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive.


(Once again, the Clintons screw things up.  They say Reagan was the “teflon” president because nothing ever stuck to him…well Clinton ranks right up there with him.)

While typing, the chemtrails phenomenon popped into my head– I remember reading a connection between Gates and chemtrails and was wondering about their effects on rainfall.  My thinking is that it can’t just be climate change that is creating the drought.  I found this blog on it, but it was a general synopsis.  Then I found this.  It is an observation of the interference with rain clouds by chemtrails.

A side note~~  A petition against the Gates Foundation’s $27 million investment in Monsanto.  Um-hmm…follow the money, folks.


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