Toxic Trash Water

Environmental Working Group has a report up on the toxins coming out of the tap. (hat tip to common dreams).

Even in Silent Spring, Rachel Carson put forth the idea that science could “correct” the mistakes made with the science of chemical pollution…so it’s depressing, but not out of character for science to combat water pollution with…more chemicals.  Chlorine is a poison (so is fluoride, but that’s for another blog).

Again, nature does it best with natural water filtration.  Here is a report on natural swimming pools–water filtration is by the same idea–using plants and stones for the water to naturally detoxify itself.

More here.  Aren’t these beautiful to look at as well as functional?  Here’s more from Australia…crikey, they’re all over the place!

Here’s a site explaining natural water filtration in a teaching mode.  It lays it out on how our zeal to tear down trees and pave the landscape has greatly interfered with the natural way of water filtration.  It touches on the importance of beaver dams–how they were destroyed because they were implicated in floods, but they were actually contributing positively by aiding water filtration–another myopic view by scientists who didn’t understand the “orchestra” of nature.  And who would have thought that flies have a positive impact?  Not I.

And here is a site on filtering water for yourself (I’m not linking to it for obvious reasons):

Finally, there’s this– an innovative showering system.  Makes me smile–I’d feel like I were showering in a jungle, but what the hey.  I’d think I’d rather go for a swim in the natural pool.  Also, this would make more sense if you’re using a biodegradable soap, such as Dr. Bronner’s. 

Lastly, all of this that benefits us also benefits the animals that inhabit this place with us.

Graham gets it handed back to him

Police Chief Edward Flynn gives it back to Lindsey Graham, who clearly wants to ask questions and doesn’t necessarily care if he gets answers.  He’s not interested in a civil exchange, but for only his views being heard.

“The background checks worked.”

Most Americans favor universal background checks.

Enough said.


Safe cookware

I can’t remember if I’ve posted this before, so if I have, forgive the repeat.

There has been discussion on the mercury support group on safe cookware, as the very ill are very sensitive to all metals.  (I am just now at the point where I can put jewelry on without my skin itching and turning red ten minutes later.)

Aluminum is out. Period.  Nasty stuff that you don’t want your food to touch.

Cast iron would be a good choice, except that many heavy metal poisoned people have high copper amounts and iron exacerbates it, so that’s out.

Stainless steel seemed like a good choice, but alas, it leaches out nickel.  Nickel is also toxic.  It is actually given to laboratory animals to cause cancer. So that’s out.

Glass cookware was the next choice, but it, too, has issues with exploding cookware.  I think those issues were with people exposing the cookware to temperature extremes (hot to cold, cold to hot), which inevitably caused the glass to weaken.  Also, you are cautioned not to scrub using stainless steel pads, as that will scratch the surface, leading it to weaken the glass, causing it to explode.  That’s my theory, at any rate.

Just thought I’d pass this along.

Fixing the debt

PRWatch has this up on the Fix the Debt faux “concern group” led by Pete Peterson.

More on Peterson here.  Another “Romney” who makes his living off of looting firms and destroying jobs.

(A side note~listening to Limbaugh today–a wife of a gov’t employee of the defense dept was saying that they had been sent a letter that they had to mind their finances because their paycheck was going to be cut by one day per week.  She was going on and on in a nearly hysterical voice saying how her husband had worked his butt off for the U.S. and he deserved his pay.  I thought that she sounded….um….entitled.… 🙂

Creating the artificial crisis.  Creating a hysteria, much like War of the Worlds. and keep repeating the lie over and over until people believe it.

Making free speech illegal

…is what the Indiana Senate is trying to do with trying to make it illegal for animal rights activists to publish photos of animal abuse.

Story here.

People have a right to know if  farms are abusing animals.  And journalists have every right to publish that information without going through the police.  This is outrageous.

You will note that Rose Acre Farms complained about the bad publicity they received after video of their operations was made public.  Story here of the abuse. Well, of course they don’t like activists who photograph the abuse–it’s not the abuse that bothers them–it’s the bad publicity!  And if they can keep the photos from reaching the public, who refuse to buy their eggs, well then…

Once again, folks, know where your food comes from–I buy Amish chicken that is raised cage free, without hormones or antibiotics. Same with the eggs, which are locally produced.  And humbly thank the chickens for their sacrifice.

Haiti food shortage and disappearing money

As if these folks don’t have enough to deal with–Haiti is in serious trouble with food shortages due not only to the after-effects of the 2010 earthquake, but from drought and flood…  Good Grief.  (Incidentally, I first read about this on a Guardian blog which is “supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”–I refuse to link to it because of the so-called “doomsday seed bank” which is a megalomaniacal venture.  Playing God with seeds–and you can bet it won’t be the “little people” who will partake in the seed distribution if “doomsday” occurs…if you want to read the Guardian article, you’ll have to search for it yourselves.)

I know it sounds so “out there” reading the above link—but Monsanto has a proven record of destruction, not production.  And the Rockefellers have put money into eugenics.  Given Bill Gates’ business practices (by requiring a monopoly of his products, he shut out better operating systems, therefore acquiring his millions by false means–not true capitalism where the best product gets the market share.)

I couldn’t believe what I was reading in the article about corn being engineered to contain spermicide.  So…I looked on the web and found this by Alternet.  Wow.

This was an interesting quote:

Scientists and corporations alike embrace biopharmaceuticals with glee: “Imagine being able to harvest enough globulin (a compound that fights arthritis) for the whole world in all of fifty acres?” writes Dr. William O. Robertson for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “Imagine being able to find the protein healthy people use to prevent arthritis or breast cancer and being able to produce it in large quantities in rice and tobacco.”


It’s just stunning how myopic these scientists are—especially with the knowledge that GM corn and other products are suspected of causing gut inflammation from GMO intolerance??  Destroying the immune system….to make people…better??  Note that he includes tobacco in products to be used by folks….yeah, now there’s a healthy product. /snark

As Brian Tokar brings up in the article, there are too many unknowns–it’s always an oversight by scientists to consider the effects to all of nature and how much humans’ health is affected by nature.

Here’s another article on pharming….and it’s in Indiana, where you can get away with anything while the press and politicians look the other way:

And another article here…also in Indiana:


Okay, back to Haiti (sorry, got a little off topic there–am detoxing and I’m ADD a little more than usual. 🙂

The Guardian article brings up getting seeds to Haitians (and Africans)—which I thought was a great idea…until I saw the Gates Foundation and Monsanto supporting this….not hard to see that it is a propaganda piece to benefit them.  It can’t be just “coincidence” that they are in a deal with Monsanto and now promoting this idea of seeds to Haiti.  My fear is that these poor vulnerable folks are the guinea pigs for the Gates/Rockefeller/Monsanto venture. Disaster capitalism, my friends.

The misspent donations in Haiti.  Glad to see that people are still trying to help Haiti recover.  Haiti has to be the poster country for disaster relief mismanagement!

From the article:


In March 2010, UN countries pledged $5.3 billion over two years and a total of $9.9 billion over three years in a conference March 2010. The money was to be deposited with the World Bank and distributed by an internationally controlled fund called the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission Fund (IHRC). The IHRC was co-chaired by Bill Clinton and Jean-Max Bellerive, then the Haitian Prime Minister. 41 The IHRC was created by executive order of Haitian President Preval to exist for a period of 18 months beginning on April 21, 2010.42

This money effectively bypassed all the Haitian public governmental bodies. 43

By July 2010, Bill Clinton reported only 10 percent of the pledges had been given to the IHRC.


Feeling that they functioned solely as rubber stamps, the Haitian members complained of being “completely disconnected from the activities of the IHRC”; given no background information on the projects they are supposed to fund; given no time to “read, nor analyze, nor understand- and much less respond intelligently- to projects submitted”; no follow-up on the previously approved millions in funds; and not knowing the names of IHRC consultants nor their respective tasks.” As if to prove their point the IHRC meeting, held in the Dominican Republic, continued despite the absence of co-chair and Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive.


(Once again, the Clintons screw things up.  They say Reagan was the “teflon” president because nothing ever stuck to him…well Clinton ranks right up there with him.)

While typing, the chemtrails phenomenon popped into my head– I remember reading a connection between Gates and chemtrails and was wondering about their effects on rainfall.  My thinking is that it can’t just be climate change that is creating the drought.  I found this blog on it, but it was a general synopsis.  Then I found this.  It is an observation of the interference with rain clouds by chemtrails.

A side note~~  A petition against the Gates Foundation’s $27 million investment in Monsanto.  Um-hmm…follow the money, folks.


Blaming the victim

This is just too, too much.  And all too common.

I mean, really, this line of questioning is just soooo over the top: (from the link to the Daily Tar Heel)

“The woman student said to me, ‘Landen, as a woman, I know that if that had happened to me, I would’ve broken up with him the first time it happened. Will you explain to me why you didn’t?’” she said.


WTH?  She *must* be lying because she stayed with him after the first time it happened.  And using her depression and suicide attempt–manifestations of the abuse–is totally disgusting.  And to top it all off, they give confidential details to her parents!  And they’re claiming that these folks received training….?  Seriously?  Well, now, methinks that training was…well…worthless…probably based on Freudian concepts of women and sex .  /snark

(In the comments section of the common dreams link, the first comment is just priceless:

saskatchistani •

Ms. Gambill is probably happy she doesn’t live in one of those oppressive Muslim countries.


Domestic violence victims, whether they be abused sexually, or physically (with fists) or verbally will NOT likely leave after the first time the abuse happens.  As I posted here, he will say “I’m sorry.  I love you baby, I’d never want to hurt you. It will never.happen.again.”  And she’s hooked back in.  This is what they call the “honeymoon period” where they will get along great and everything seems like it is going well.

…until the next time where she asserts herself and he again abuses her to control her.

It is inexcusable that this “court” was abusing the victim all over again, which is what the question above is–it’s not about trying to find out what happened–it’s about assigning blame.

And it’s ALWAYS the woman’s fault.  She made him do it.  She was uppity.  She didn’t cook the meal right, or clean the house right or make love to him enough times that week…whatever the excuse is…


Along those lines is the Pestorius case.  He beat her with a bat before he shot her. There was one report of another former girlfriend who was glad to get away from Pistorius because of his abuse.  But you didn’t hear that from the news networks.  ABC News was worse than most with a *cough* report that put Pistorius in the best possible light–highlighting another former girlfriend who said he was great.  It was so lopsided I sat there in stunned disbelief.  It never brought up the fact that if Pistorius had to have taken the time to put on his prosthetics, he would have had time to see that his girlfriend was no longer in the bed…wouldn’t that be a signal that she was the one in the bathroom?

And what have I heard from the networks now that this new information about him beating her?  Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

See…if you’re a famous athlete, you can get away with murder, folks.  Just ask O.J. Simpson.

Capital Gains and Income inequality

Attaturk has this up on the reasons behind the income inequality in this country.   Note that Clinton first lowered the 28% tax on capital gains…down from Reagan….while he was signing away the jobs with NAFTA….and there you have a huge contribution to the mess that we’re in.

Yeah, I think it’s about time that those capital gains are taxed at 35%.



Evil Environmental laws and the UN

Really, now, the conservative toadies for the oil companies reeeeeally need to come up with some new words besides: “Freedom”

“Liberty” , “way of life”, and this is a good one “our heritage”….to manipulate the public into doing things that are the opposite of what is in their best interests…

…since when is polluting water, land, and air part of our heritage??

If I recall correctly, the Native Americans lived here for over 10,000 years and one could drink from any stream, swim in any river, and eat fish from any body of water and not get poisoned from fertilizers, mercury, plastic, pesticides, nor herbicides….THAT, my friend, IS our heritage!