Boycott Kellogg’s

Organic Consumers posted this a while back (I’m sooo far behind in emails).  Financially supporting the companies that truly have the best interests of their consumers at heart is the best way to go.  Well, that and labeling our food.

Read the note on Kashi’s using genetically engineered soy in their “organic” products.  It is such a cop-out to claim pollination was the reason the soy was GMO–an easy way to escape accountability.  Instead of fighting GMO labeling, they should be fighting against Monsanto and the others involved in genetically modified food.  This food is highly likely involved in leaky gut, as the body cannot recognize the grain anymore, and treats it as a foreign substance and that leads to gut inflammation and eventually leaky gut.

A link here to eye problems and leaky gut and GMO’s.  Very interesting.  My eyes have begun to improve–I was using 1.50 readers and now am able to use the 1.25 magnification.  I’m also able to distinguish fine degrees of color, and I had lost some of my ability to determine colors.  I know this by my embroidery thread that I used for counted cross-stitch–the thread is numbered and has very minute distinctions, and it was difficult for me to separate them by color.  I grew so frustrated at it that I just put them all in one bag, unable to organize them.  This began to change when I started to detox.

Here’s a good opinion on the GMO’s.

More here on the global effort to get GMO’s labeled.

A debate between a professor and a neoliberal. (hat tip to organic consumers).

Lastly, I really wonder about the exposure even if you’re not eating GMO foods (or at least trying not to by buying organic).  I say this because every year, around late July, I begin to have more severe allergy symptoms, culminating in September, when I usually have headaches several days out of the month (this has been after mercury poisoning–at least, that’s when I first noticed it).  I found a link here on the increase in allergies and GMO’s.

Here is a paper that must have been written by a Monsanto toadie, it is so slanted towards GMO’s and gives very little attention or support for research towards health concerns.  This is what I was seeing when I was a student in college and I took a class in science writing:  they had a forum at this strongly agricultural school on GMO’s when they were first being introduced in 1997-98 (only we found out later that they had been unleashed onto the unsuspecting public earlier.)

A good blog here on GMO.




Related to this is an stunning affirmation of those in power that amalgams are safe.  Just stunning. Absolutely stunning.  (hat tip to organic consumers).  It just goes to show that Washington is bought by those whose interests don’t include the health and well being of the public, but of who has the $$$ to fund their campaigns.

And my previous blog  with this on how not only mercury affects us, but the animals, as well.  My other blogs on it here and here.

And I’m finished.  So much for catching up on my emails. 😛



2 thoughts on “Boycott Kellogg’s

  1. Thank you so much for helping to raise awareness… it’s sobering how few Americans know about GMOs in our food (and our lack of labeling sure doesn’t help). As for organic companies owned by major food corps, I strongly believe in trying to avoid these brands, even when they are organic / GMO-free… as our dollars “trickle upstream” to the parent corporation, and many of those parent corporations showed us exactly how they feel about GMOs when they donated millions to oppose California’s GMO Labeling measures. I’ve got a list of all of these categories on my blog too… up under the “Shopping List” section. 🙂 Keep up the great blogging and thank you again!

    • No, no, thank YOU for your great blog. 🙂
      You bring up a good point about the corporations’ fighting GMO labeling shows that they are not committed to the ideal, which leads me to believe that they bought or developed the organic brand for two possible reasons: to scam the consumer by labeling something as organic when they know it is not, therefore, getting higher $$ at the grocery stores; and/or they are doing the conservative thing of eliminating the competition by buying them out. Just my two cents, your mileage may vary.

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