Socialist cop gives free boots a homeless man in N.Y. 

Apparently, the dept will need to do a more thorough background check on Officer DePrimo–he’s clearly promoting a socialist agenda by giving free boots to the homeless guy.  I mean, really, does he think this homeless guy is entitled to warm feet protected from the elements??  Doesn’t he know that there are beleaguered  rich guys who need to feed their horses and build more houses?

And how much did the taxpayers have to pay for Officer DePrimo’s time in purchasing the boots…is that going to be deducted from his pay?  Because the taxpayers want less government, you know, so they’ll want the time spent to be deducted from his pay…

/just a tad snarky

…and the million dollar question is…

…why is this guy homeless?

…and why can’t people feel compassion for him and others during other times besides Christmas?


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