Monsanto sneaking through power grab legislation

(sigh) this just gets sooo monotonous…once again Monsanto is trying to sneak through legislation to grab even more power over what is planted in the land. (hat tip organic consumers)

More from organic consumers here on the boycott of companies that have “natural” brands that sunk Prop  37 in California.  They’re worried about money in political campaigns…I’m worried about the money behind stuff like this.  It’s much harder to get attention directed at these campaigns by the media, therefore, it’s much harder to get the facts out there.

They also have a video posted by Jim Goodman.  I don’t have time to watch it today, but wanted to post it for others.

Socialist cop gives free boots a homeless man in N.Y. 

Apparently, the dept will need to do a more thorough background check on Officer DePrimo–he’s clearly promoting a socialist agenda by giving free boots to the homeless guy.  I mean, really, does he think this homeless guy is entitled to warm feet protected from the elements??  Doesn’t he know that there are beleaguered  rich guys who need to feed their horses and build more houses?

And how much did the taxpayers have to pay for Officer DePrimo’s time in purchasing the boots…is that going to be deducted from his pay?  Because the taxpayers want less government, you know, so they’ll want the time spent to be deducted from his pay…

/just a tad snarky

…and the million dollar question is…

…why is this guy homeless?

…and why can’t people feel compassion for him and others during other times besides Christmas?


Am I in Saudi Arabia??

Stephen Colbert has a few words on  Suzanne Venker  for repeating the same crap her Aunt Phyllis Schlafly has spewed since the 70s:  if women would just stop trying to be valued equally, they could find marriageable men.  Seriously. (Phyllis Schlafly also thought that a woman’s virtue could be detected in the way she moved her hips.  If she swung them a little too much, she was of easy virtue.

I hate to say this, but my mother thought along the same lines…she had my best interests at heart, but she was the woman of that mindset.  She either implicitly or explicitly indicated that a woman showing she was intelligent would discourage “good” men.  And an unmarried woman…gasp…an unmarried woman…well, there must be something wrong with her if she’s not married, for heaven’s sake.  She still, to this day, some seventeen years later, is trying to get me remarried, bless her heart.

The best quote I’ve ever read in regards to marriage and intelligent women is this:  (paraphrasing) “If a guy breaks up with you because you’re too intelligent and show it, don’t worry too much about it.  He’s just someone you would end up divorcing later.”  Classic.

Here’s another column on Suzanne Venker and not advising her daughter to become a brain surgeon because she will want to have babies.

Okay, I’m mixed on this because I do believe that kids need a parent–not necessarily the mother–to stay home at least the first five years.  I think these years are so very important in the development of the child’s sense of self and sense of security.  I just don’t think putting them in child care from the get-go is beneficial mentally.

But to say that the child should not strive for a career because she might want babies leaves out that the husband may want to stay home if she is the breadwinner.  She may want to have kids first and then go to college.  She may not want kids at all.

And it just is the old crap that has been spewed for centuries…the medical profession (men) actually put forth the idea that women’s uteruses would shrink if they went to college.  They got this *cough* brilliant conclusion after they noticed women who went to college were less likely to have kids or didn’t have as many kids as those who did not go to college.   Oh, yeah, and they also put for the idea that endometriosis was caused by…wait for it…women who delayed childbearing due to pursuing careers.  They were saying this clear into the 80s.  I kid you not.  It’s too much to actually look past biases and prejudice to see the actual cause might be environmental toxins and in my view, the effects of gluten intolerance (autoimmune response=menstrual blood attaching itself to abnormal places).

Following the money…

(sigh)  In all the stories I’ve heard on Susan Rice and her failure to say what was going on in Benghazi, the bigger story is curiously tucked away.

…hmmm…I wonder why…?     /snarky

Here’s another report on members of Congress that own shares pushing for the XL pipeline.  Pushing their own self-interests over the ecological ramifications to the people, the animals, the land and water…

I’m thinking of the Cree proverb here (along with other wise sayings):

Only when the last tree has died
and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught
will we realise we cannot eat money.
~ Cree Indian Proverb ~



When annihilating a culture doesn’t work…

…you diminish them in other ways.

That wasn’t the only recent incident of continuing to sexualize Native American women…No Doubt also used it in a video.

Holy crap, you couldn’t see how unbelievably offensive this was–not only to Native American women, but to women in general?  I seriously doubt the claims that they had consulted with *cough* experts and Native Americans who thought this was just fine.  Anyone with two brain cells would be offended by it.  Violence towards women is never okay.  It’s not entertainment.

The Phallus of Empire

…has little to do with the story behind this blog, but I thought it was an amusing comment.

And so, folks, 1989 is just waaay too in the past to, you know, remember it.  Whatsay we take Ronald Reagan’s name off of everything that his name has been plastered on since it’s ancient history, too?  I’d be much more in favor of that than removing Gilda’s name.   

Besides, she’s just a dumb woman, what do they matter?

Good Grief.