Photos of the Sandy devastation

AP has aerial photos of the devastation of the storm here.

It has a photo of the beach at Atlantic City.  I walked that beach a few years back when I tried to make my *escape* from Indiana…
makes it a little more personal to have been there and now see what has happened.  Wow.  Like I’ve said before…nature is awesome with the power to destroy or to give life…

…and cynical me is looking at all the houses down in Queens and I just know some developer is salivating at the prospects…<sigh>


No value in flu vaccine

Here’s a link to an article on the questionable benefits of the flu vaccine.  (hat tip to mercury support group)

I tried the link to the actual study, but couldn’t get access.

Here’s another article that includes the ingredients of flu vaccines. …if people only knew…

Another article here on the manufacturing of flu vaccines.

Finally, here’s a pretty damning article on the whole sordid business.  Note how the authorities backed off the “sky-is-falling” schtick when questioned about how severe the flu was…

…and how the media, partners in scaring the bejeezus out of everyone, are silent on the permanent damage the vaccines have caused….

Pens for women? God help us.

commondreams has this link up of the increasingly stooopid marketing crap of pink, pink, pink crap for women. (Abby Zimet notes that it’s bad enough that we have to deal with Mourdock…um, no, unless you live here in Indiana, you only have to suffer listening to it–you don’t have to fear that he is probably going to get elected…

…and his comment that a pregnancy after rape was a gift from God kind of gives new meaning of men who think of themselves as a gift from God, doesn’t it??  I suppose his sperm should be considered a gift from God, too??)

The comments of customer feedback are too, too delicious.  I was going to suggest a pen in the shape of a vagina, but somebody beat me to it.

…or perhaps we could have one in the shape of a boob.

Some of the best ones:

I allowed my wife to write the grocery list with one of my pens. Shortly thereafter she went out and bought a bunch of flannel shirts, cut the sleeves off and grew a mullet. While she was writing her feminist manifesto, I secretly switched out the man pen with a BiC For Her. She’s now back to baking apple pies, vacuuming in heels, and popping bennies in order to keep her girlish figure… like a proper American gal.

Thank you BiC!


I tried these on a whim, and I have to say I wasn’t very impressed. The applicator mechanism is far too fiddly, and the plastic tampon inside far too thin (not to mention uncomfortable and non-absorbant) – I’m sure there must be a knack to using them, but I couldn’t find it. They also stained my knickers blue for some reason. I really wanted to like these, but it’s back to pads for me.



Dental decay reversed?

Members of the GAPS diet group posted this link to a theory that teeth can remineralize following the basic GAPS diet and staying away from processed food.  Wouldn’t that just blow you away?  Put the dental profession out of business, eh?  Shhh…we don’t want them to get wind of this…you know, that whole profits against morality thing…and we know that profits usually wins…

…what I didn’t see in the bottom of the article when it listed what one needed for the teeth to remineralize was an absence of toxins…because the immune system cannot function properly while the body’s cells are malfunctioning due to chemical interference.

Feed the soil…

…and the rest will follow. (hat tip to organic farmers’ group)

Here we are, 2012, and still rediscovering what wisdom has been known forever…nature can do a bang up job when we cooperate with her instead of fighting against her…

The cover crops angle is the missing link that nourishes the soil while preventing erosion.  As the article states, it puts back nutrients that create that rich compost responsible for holding the soil together, holding water when droughts hit, and feeding the worms, which add their own version of rich casings (fertilizer).  (A side story–someone told me of a woman who detested worms and requested a chemical fertilizer be applied to kill all the worms in her yard.  I kid you not.)  Also, the article doesn’t mention the beneficial microbes that eat e.coli –which helps keep it in check.


Daniels on Colbert

Gah, I think this is the first time I’ve actually seen someone ask direct questions of Mitch Daniels.  And Daniels does his best to dodge answering.  Loved seeing him in the hot seat.

Native American Heritage Month

From Turtle Talk--a guest post by Bridget Mary McCormick.

Turtle Talk also has a link up to an obit of Betty Binns Fletcher–a woman to admire.

In the article, she stated that she had a hard time getting hired as an attorney after graduation because of the prejudice in law firms.  Yeah, well, I wish I could say that it has changed, but it’s still there…at least if you’re an assistant.  I took paralegal courses and got A’s.  However, when I and a couple of classmates went to look for a job afterward…nothing.  There were several attorney’s assistants taking the course–all of them blond and in their twenties and high school graduates.  The classmates that couldn’t get a job?  In our forties.  And two of us had Bachelor of Arts degrees.  You can draw your own conclusions.

Also on the blog is this link to a case of a non-Indian mother who gave birth to a child of a Cherokee father, who did not assert his parental rights…at first…but after finding out the child was to be adopted, he filed a case to block it.  It’s ridiculous that this dragged out for two years while the child was becoming attached to the adoptive parents–the father had indicated he did not want her to be adopted by strangers at four months of age–at that point, he should have been custody of the child.  This would have made her life so much more easier than to drag it out.

The father was not abusive, according to the document (I only read to page 26), and other than his initial reluctance, he stepped up and that should have been considered a positive for this little girl.  I mean, the details are scant about the people involved in the case, but something that leaped out at me was  the implication that it was a negative against the father because the father was going to be aided by his parents in caring for the child–the Native Americans raise children differently than Europeans–the entire tribe looks after the little ones.  At least, that is the traditional way…not sure if they still adhere to this, but it wouldn’t be abnormal for the father’s parents to help raise the little girl.  What is seen as a negative by white folks (assuming that the professionals involved were white folks) is seen as positive by the Native American culture.  Lastly, there is the elephant in the room of whether the adoptive parents were Christian and the Native American father practiced traditional tribal spirituality.  The Mormons used this angle to kidnap Native American children from their parents and adopt them legally.