More sauerkraut adventures…

I’ve joined yet another support group–for GAPS diet (Gut and Psychology Syndrome).

One of the members also has a blog and posted this.  I thought I’d pass it along for anyone also following this diet.  It kind of tickles me that the Pickl-It jars are a lot like the jars I’m using for making my own sauerkraut.  I think I might try the longer method of fermentation–cabbage itself is known to irritate the thyroid, which is what I suspect is going on with this lady’s child.  I’ve noticed the “red neck” rash on my neck after eating sauerkraut, even though it has benefited my gut in other ways…so, yeah, longer fermentation with kefir whey seems to be the ticket.

(A side note~ I didn’t get a migraine last month–just a bad headache…saying this with fingers crossed so not to jinx myself.)


The coal debate

I about fell off my chair when I heard the radio ad that Barack Obama “approves this message”.  I thought it sounded too much like an Onion spoof…but, alas…

The message?  He approves of coal…and fracking as viable energy sources.  Well, not that it’s a surprise that he *still* supports “clean coal”…but I thought that he at least had sense not to endorse fracking…I was apparently wrong.

Story here:

Look at the faces of the miners–blackened with coal dust that contains mercury, lead, arsenic, and on...

91% of those children had respiratory problems–what more does it take?!  A 100%??

From the article:

But according to Stephen Lester, science director of the Virginia-based Center for Health, Environment, and Justice, the air quality tests done at Marsh Fork were “extremely limited” and “provide meaningless information” since they did not test specifically for heavy metals like nickel, lead, arsenic, and mercury found in coal dust.  Rather, they conducted standard state tests for mold, air flow, and air filter upkeep

What a joke.  See, if you don’t acknowledge there’s a problem…then they don’t have to do something about it.  And the chemical industry/coal industry/nuclear industry…and on…can continue doing what they do without being held accountable.

A miner’s viewpoint here.

Environmental Working group has this from 2004.  And this from 2001:  the revolving door phenomenon.

This woman is a walking toxic dump.   Good Grief.  This a testament to our body’s ability to withstand a toxic beating and still try to correct the situation…but even the miracle of one’s body has its limits.

The problem with the situation is that as the above article states, scientists are testing folks for toxins in their systems, but they don’t know what it means–it doesn’t mean the presence of disease, but also doesn’t mean there’s no damage done.

From the article:

“Just because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s going to hurt you,” says Bruce Caswell, senior manager of environmental health and safety with the Canadian Chemical Producers Association. But it doesn’t mean it’s not hurting you either. We experience a constant barrage of synthetic stuff, even in the womb. Doses differ as do genetic and physiological vulnerabilities. “None of this belongs in our bodies. Period,” says Riina Bray, a family physician at Women’s College Hospital’s Environmental Health Clinic. Researchers suspect these toxic chemicals have links to a number of cancers, including breast, testicular and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, not to mention reproductive disorders and learning disabilities.

I wonder about the toxin drift as highlighted in this article with David Masty testing positive.  I think the bizarre actions of folks in the last decade or so are related to how toxic our environment is–that we’ve reached our limits of how much our bodies can take before we crash–and the result isn’t always physical, but mental.  This was one of the most surprising aspects of toxic poisoning that I’ve learned on this odyssey I’m on–I had no idea that toxins affected one’s mental abilities.  The medical profession has always treated mental issues as if they were exclusively a problem with the brain–not a likely result of toxic exposure.

And the children being born polluted…it should be enough to make every adult sit up and take notice….

Related to this is the EWG filing suit after Cuomo refuses to release all requested documents.

In my case, although there are numerous red flags, the FDA refuses to recognize that dental amalgams poison people–even though most folks on the mercury support group became sick within a year of amalgam placement.  And I know that living near a coal-burning power plant in the 70s also contributed to my mercury/lead/arsenic load.  Truly, it was when I first had mercury symptoms–only they were minor annoyances that would be misdiagnosed or ignored.

And the USDA is still recommending a diet that is heavily grain based, even though this may mean it is opening the door for mercury/heavy metal poisoning for Celiacs.

…and then the poor sap that falls ill will be met with the “you don’t have a right to food or shelter…”

Aung San Suu Kyi

…is coming to Fort Wayne tomorrow. She is giving a speech in her native tongue at the Memorial Coliseum free of charge.

For those that don’t know, Fort Wayne is home to the largest Burmese population in the United States.

Story here: course, there are the prejudiced ones who put their stupid comments in the comments section….<sigh> and the rightwing radio station has said little, if anything, about the trip.

I want to go, but my car is having issues and I might not get it repaired in time to drive out there.

Anyway, it’s a historical event for this town and I’m happy that she is able to make the trip.

If you wish, you may listen to the speech on the local public radio station:  WBOI Link here:



The Pusher Man

commondreams has this up on the re-definition of a “pusher-man”.   How can Big Pharma get away with creating drugs that are addictive–that they know will keep permanent customers in the loop? Look at all the pharmacy robberies that have cropped up since the introduction of oxycontin?

It’s along the lines of creating a drug for one condition that causes so many side effects that the person needs another drug to combat them, and another drug to combat the second drug’s side effects…and so on…neverending customers…neverending profits…

~~~A commenter brought up the song by Steppenwolf “Pusher Man”   

I used to have a coworker who played that song on a regular basis.  He was a Vietnam vet and I think he dabbled a little in the illegal stuff, but had straightened himself out.   The amusing thing (to me) was that he played this loudly and his office cubicle was right near the front door so every client that came in the door could hear “God Damn the Pusher Man…” coming over the cubicle wall…you should have seen some of the looks on their faces…