Supreme Court passes Affordable care

You know, I’m probably the only moderate progressive who disagrees with this Act.  Not for the same reasons the far right does, but because of the mandate for private insurance, instead of Medicare for All.  Unlike those in this article, I don’t see this as a step in the right direction–as a way to get single payer in the door.

However, I do agree with the right on the issue of gov’t control of healthcare.  They already are violating the Fourth Amendment, so what will hold them back in violating a person’s right to privacy with their health records?  If it were a separate agency, such as Medicare–a well run agency–I would trust it more.

And then we have the growing lack of privacy for employees for everything, including medical.

Here’s a site that answers questions on the rights of employers to ask for medical history:

The HIPPA privacy rule does not prevent your employer from asking you for information about your health if your employer needs the information to administer sick leave, workers’ compensation, wellness programs, or health insurance.

Read that again.  They have it couched as “necessary” for the employer to obtain your private information to buy health insurance or administer wellness programs…

And people won’t refuse this especially in this economy—they don’t want to make waves and will agree to it even if they disagree strongly in handing over private information.  This opens the door for an employer in dismissing someone because of a health reason. Actually, as the lawyer points out, they can fire you for any reason if you live in an “At Will” state.  There’s just no rights of the employees in this and that bothers me a great deal.

Again, if there was a Medicare for All, the employers would not have such monumental power over their employees’ lives.

For me, however, I’m less and less likely to seek out the medical profession for issues, and find the natural plants and organic food that will help me regain my health.  Thank God for doctors like Natasha Campbell-McBride who think outside the box and use that wonderful intuition to come up with solutions that aren’t a) making the pharmaceutical companies rich; and b) aren’t ignoring diet  and the environment as a major factors in health.

The medical profession is set up to try to rein in the horse after it’s left the barn, instead of fixing the gate (diet and healthy environment).  That makes no sense to me at all.


DN! today

DN has this up today.

Let’s only hope that the carbon emissions news is followed by actual, you know, action.  Because if anything this administration is famous for–it’s tough words with no backbone.  The other day, I was listening to Limbaugh rant about the immigration law and Arizona and how the Obama Administration was instituting an “800” number for anyone observing a police officer violating someone’s civil rights.  Limbaugh was all for civil rights and said it was about time that they started doing something about it.

bwahahaahahahahahaha. *snort*

Um, okay, he really didn’t say that.  He was incensed that the Obama administration was actually trying to provide a way for folks to speak up.  He immediately said it would be the sniveling liberals who would be calling in and the police officers would be afraid of lawsuits, yada, yada, yada.

My heart was lifted at the news of an “800” number…but then I recalled all the past “strong” words by this administration, followed by…no action.  So, yeah, unless there is a full time staff behind this 800 number, and the people at the other end of the phone are actually empowered to DO something, well, I don’t see it providing much help.  And it might even hurt someone who calls in thinking they are doing a service for the community, give their name, phone number and they themselves are harassed.  I’m just saying this is a possibility.  An administration that allows illegal wire-tapping against the Fourth Amendment leaves me doubting the sincerity of this program.  Why now? Especially after record deportations?

Onto the other stories on DN:

The Tar Sands pipeline being once again pushed by Big Oil and the Obama Administration going along is another red flag that this administration continues to say one thing and do another.  I’m just cynical enough to wonder if the sudden decrease in gas prices has anything to do with the Administration’s agreeing to Tar Sands?

Lawmakers making money off of legislation? No way. They’re the most fine, upstanding individuals ever to walk the Earth. /snark

You see, entitlement only applies to little old ladies trying to collect Social Security and the poor trying to collect food stamps to eat.   They make the laws, so members of Congress are entitled to make profits off of it.

Sorry to see Nora Ephron has passed.  I was watching “When Harry Met Sally…” last night.  Peace to her.

Newborns in Need

I was re-reading some of my old “Sew News” magazines from back in the day…

In one was an article on a super group of sewing enthusiasts who made quilts for needy babies.  The group’s name is Newborns in Need, started by a lady by the name of Green (sorry, forgot to bring the mag with me to the library and can’t remember her first name) whom had read of stillborns who were being buried in paper bags.  The group of ladies she was with thought it was some spoof or sensational story like those found in the tabloids.  Green pursued the story, however, and tracked down the reporter.  Indeed, the story was true.

She decided she would sew burial outfits for these babies, for which the mothers were grateful.

Somewhere along the line, however, she decided she’d rather sew quilts for the live babies….the “Newborns in Need” was created.  She said that she didn’t know exactly how many quilts she and her circle of sewers made, but it was around 150 quilts per month.  Her children also helped when they were pressed to get quilts to the babies.  The article said her teenage sons would sew through the night trying to meet the need.

This article, like the magazine, was old–1997, so I wondered if the work was continuing.  Green said that she had made a nonprofit corporation when she started it, but soon it became about power and money and the focus of the organization was being lost.  She dissolved the corporation.  So…I was wondering if it was still going…

It is. And I found that a hospital here in Fort Wayne is part of the network.

When I was really ill from the mercury, I lost the ability to sew.  I used to sew my kids’ clothes and wanted to try quilting.  I had seen these beautiful watercolor quilts in sewing books and wanted to try it.  However, it coincided with the increase in mercury and my brain just could not wrap itself around the complexities of shades of color, patterns, and coordinating all of it.    Heck, I couldn’t even sew a straight line.  Seriously.  My eyes were dimmed and I couldn’t focus on the line on the sewing machine to keep the material straight.  Frustrating as hell, especially when I had previously sewn so many outfits.  I didn’t understand or know about the mercury at the time.

As I have gotten better, the skill is coming back, but it is like re-learning it all over again.  I don’t think non-sewers know or appreciate how difficult sewing is…you have to be able to cut straight (couldn’t do  that when I was sick–eye/hand coordination wasn’t there), sew straight, and be able to envision what the directions are telling you and what the garment is supposed to look like when you’re done.  Otherwise, it’s endless frustration with messing up over and over again.

So…I have a lot of fabric.  The old joke is “she who dies with the most fabric wins”.  Only a sewer in love with fabric and creativity would get that joke…:)

I think I’m going to try the quilting thing again…but I’m going to have to pace myself.  I was detoxing yesterday (I’m doing epsom salt baths every other day as recommended by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, to detox, and boy is it working.)–and this seems to affect my eye-hand coordination because I was once again messing up pretty badly.  I finally gave up after so many mistakes.  I tried again this morning, and viola!

But, along with the music ability, it comes in spurts and long periods of no progress…I’m nervously trying to push myself a little to go out on a limb to make this quilt.  I’m afraid if I get started, and then for whatever reason don’t feel up to it, that I’ll let people down. But I would like to sew these quilts for the babies in need.  Sounds like a neat group.

We shall see…


Natural Shampoo

I’ve been searching for a natural shampoo, without chemicals, as most of the chemicals they put in shampoos have been shown to be carcinogenic or endocrine disruptors.  Here’s a list of the stuff they put in personal care products.  I found propylene glycol on the label of a package of shredded coconut!  Good Grief.

I found a recipe for no-poo shampoo, where you put baking soda on your scalp and then rinse with vinegar.

Yeah…that didn’t work out too well…although it did help remove some of the buildup of the shampoo product I now use, leaving my hair bouncier.  But it’s not something you can use instead of commercial shampoo–your hair starts to look like it does when you’re sick for three days with the flu.  Not a pretty sight.

I found this helpful site on yucca as a shampoo.  Another site said you could also use it for a natural laundry soap.  Interesting.

It’s good for you, the wildlife, and the environment.  Woot.

Philosophy of Life

Cary Grant and Sophia Loren starred in a movie called “Houseboat”.

The script heavily played on Sophia’ figure and was a little uncomfortable in parts with how much it played on her.

There was plenty of sexist comments in the movie which didn’t sit well with me, but there were some moments that showed Sophia had a brain–she invented things to help around the house.  One was a paint sprayer attached to a long pole so that the trim on the houseboat they occupied could be painted.

In the midst of the sexist stuff was this gem:

Grant and his “son” Paul Peterson, were at odds with one another because Grant was always down on him.  (Grant was separated from his wife when she died in a car accident and the children hadn’t seen him on a regular basis, so their relationships were strained.)

Loren had implored Grant to lay off the kid and try to talk to him.  Peterson’s character is fishing off the side of the boat.  And Grant comes to him.  During the conversation, Grant tries to explain death to him.  He had a pitcher of water and tells his son to make it “disappear” (like death).  Peterson pours it into the river.  Grant says it’s not really gone, but is now part of the river.  Then Peterson pours it onto the boat.  Grant waits a moment, and the Peterson says “Oh, I get it.  It evaporates and then becomes part of the clouds, and then becomes rain.”    Then Grant says “Everything’s constantly changing.  Our souls leave our bodies and we go back into God’s Universe for the security of being a part of all life, all nature.  So for all we know, that life is very beautiful…”

Wow. In the midst of this non-serious movie was this great moment of depth.


Daniels new Purdue President

I think I’m going to be sick.

Why Daniels?  As they talked about this on the radio this morning, it was said that university presidents are mostly about raising money, and Daniels knows how to do this.  Nothing about higher learning.  Nothing about a well-rounded education enabling folks to make sound decisions with regard to politics and the country….Nope, it’s all about who can raise the $$$.

*That* is what education has devolved to.  Daniels couldn’t care less about academia–he’s a conservative, for cryin’ out loud.  They haven’t consolidated the media, eliminated the Fairness Doctrine, put Limbaugh, Hannity, and Ramsey on the air because they want fair and balanced and intelligent discussion of the important issues of the day.

If Purdue would stop spending so much on sports, they could probably find a lot of money to support the academic part.

Let’s not forget the missing money that was mysteriously “found“…after cutting education.

Here’s a snippet on the sentiment of Daniels.

More on the mismanagement here.  More here.

The thing is…even some of my family members, who are conservative, don’t like Daniels.  Many, many people had “Not My Man” bumperstickers. (Daniels had a campaign slogan of “My Man Mitch”) in the conservative small town I was in.  I still don’t know how he got re-elected….Diebold, anyone?

This is a bad day for Purdue’s former status of being a good university—the university that produced Neil Armstrong.

Like I said…I think I’m going to be sick.  So long academic standards.

China Syndrome

they lied…as DN reported before.

I wonder how much of that radiation made its way to the U.S. via the ocean and the air currents?

Here’s a link on the subject…if they detected it as far as Massachusetts and North Carolina, you can bet there was much more radiation over the western half of the States than is being admitted.  I wonder how many folks have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer since the accident?  And if they are diagnosed, how many doctors are doing detective work to find the cause?  My bet is that they will blame the patient or will not even recognize thyroid issues and instead diagnose the patient with psychosomatic illness?  Nah, that can’t happen…/snark.