Four dead in Ohio

May 4, 1970.  They are demanding a new probe into what happened.  I’m sure Eric Holder will jump right on that. /snark

According to recently released FBI reports,[citation needed] one part-time student, Terry Norman, was already noted by student protesters as an informant for both campus police and the AkronFBI branch. Norman was present during the May 4 protests, taking photographs to identify student leaders,[47] while carrying a sidearm and wearing a gas mask.

In 1970, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover responded to questions from then-Congressman John Ashbrook by denying that Norman had ever worked for the FBI, a statement Norman himself disputed.[48] On August 13, 1973, Indiana Senator Birch Bayh sent a memo to then-governor of Ohio John J. Gilligan suggesting that Norman may have fired the first shot, based on testimony he [Bayh] received from guardsmen who claimed that a gunshot fired from the vicinity of the protesters instigated the Guard to open fire on the students.

Sen. Birch Bayh was one of the last of a kind– someone who wanted to know the truth.  Man, did his son fall far from that tree!

And I believe that Norman was an agent provocateur.  If there is a re-opening of the case, I hope that angle is explored–with the treatment of Martin Luther King as evidence to the lengths that they were willing to go to stop open discussion….and asking questions that no one wants to answer.

A letter to Barack Obama.  Warning: keep the kleenex handy.  Not only the tears will come, but the anger at what happened to Alison Krause’s family after her tragic death.  (And Eric Holder has dismissed the re-opening of the case, apparently.)

(Four Dead in Ohio is repeated in the song by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young)  There’s a pretty decent band here in FW who do this song justice.  Unfortunately, I don’t know their name–they were on the cable free access channel a couple of years ago, and it wasn’t really good about announcing band’s names.  I don’t have cable access anymore, so I won’t get to see them again. 😦

Maybe I’m missing it, but in the Wiki article, there is no mention of CSNY’s “Ohio” in the section titled “music”…that is the most known song, in my view…it’s rather curious that it’s not mentioned….

Here’s a video by CBS commemorating the May 4 massacre.  Note the language they use in describing the students: “unauthorized protestors”…see, folks, you *must* get authorization from the authorities to speak out against the….authorities…hmmm….

I’m looking at the footage and I’m wondering why CBS doesn’t just air the original broadcasts? Why not bring on Dan Rather or some other reporter who was around then?  That would be more valid than some kid making commentary who wasn’t even born (or not old enough to remember) when these events were happening.  But, no, we can’t do that…then today’s youth would see what half-way decent reporting was before corporate controlled billionaire boys club media.

Here’s another video on the tragedy.  Carol Lin interviews Dean Kahler clearly has no sympathy for those shot that day with her imposing her “research” that students don’t want to remember the Kent State shootings, and just want to “move on”.  Kahler makes a great statement about how his experience is the opposite, where students he knows are compassionate.  Lastly, while she has little sympathy for the people murdered, she asks Kahler if he has forgiven the person who shot him and paralyzed him.  Kahler handles that question with class:  he is a member of the Church of the Brethren, and they practice forgiveness.  (They also don’t believe in war…isn’t it funny how religion is rarely brought up in discussions of war on the corporate-owned networks…when that religion promotes peace…?  But how religion is brought up when justifying going to a foreign country and killing people…?)

(I just realized this video was not by CNN–so….you’ll have to go to youtube and look up the KentArchives youtube of the interviews with Kahler and Stamps. Sorry.)

**edited to add: The Day the 60s Died.


Also–there was another killing of students that isn’t mentioned a lot.  Someone pointed this out to me a few years ago. (thanks)

The police stated that there were snipers, but the FBI could not find evidence of that.


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    I’m reblogging my post of two years ago on the killings of student protesters at Kent State University in Ohio. As I watched the CBS tape again, I realize I missed an important piece of testimony when Canfora says that the Guardsmen all opened fire at the same time. Somehow, I missed that before and it again raises questions of their guilt. I had previously thought Terry Norman had shot a dummy gun in order to provoke a response from the guardsmen. Now I’m not so sure…

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