Autism and the Amish

I discovered a book among my mother’s things about Amish methods of healing.  They are a culture that pretty much wants to be left alone, so they seek natural remedies to cure ailments, only using medical doctors when absolutely necessary, such as broken bones.

While reading the book, I came upon the tidbit that they don’t value vaccination.  I was curious about this, and found this blog on their very low autism rates.  It’s absolutely stunning that their rates are 1 in 10,000, while the general population has climbed with the pressure of a vaccinated society.  They also employ mostly organic methods of growing food. Here’s another blog on the Amish.

According to this article, the rate of autism for the general population is 60 in 10,000.  Sixty!  And it’s rather telling that so many parents are home-schooling their children to avoid having them vaccinated…if what this article states is true.

…and the CDC and medical profession continue to ignore the overwhelming evidence…