Who Goes to Jail…? Not the bankers and the upper class


DN! has an important show up today on who is going to jail…and who isn’t.  Matt Taibbi has written a book about the have-nots being jailed many more times over than the haves…and why.

He speaks about a judicial system that is more than happy to jail the poor…but the wealthy criminals are treated as “good people” who have a little trouble that can be worked out.

Again, the antitrust issue comes up as the too-big-to-fails are allowed to get away with their crimes because of all the innocent people they would take down with them.

I can’t recall exactly what happened, but I do remember that in the 80s, Bayer Corporation was caught in an intentional crime— it was the start of allowing corporations to get away with crimes and not really face penalties including being put out of business…




Low blood sugar and anger


Okay, if you ignore the stupid methods of using voodoo dolls in this study, it does make sense.

I could have saved them the $$ spent on the study…my oldest child was getting into trouble –which usually meant picking on his sisters.  I began to notice a pattern that it almost always happened before dinner.  Aha! Low blood sugar!  So then I would give him something to eat to keep his blood sugar level–cut down on the arguments.

So, yeah…all they had to do was ask a Mom…

TFA: let’s better serve special needs students–but with zero tolerance and no excuses!

TFA: let’s better serve special needs students–but with zero tolerance and no excuses!

Originally posted on teacherbiz:

In what appears to be a veiled acknowledgment of its own shortcomings AND a predictable jab at traditionally-trained teachers and traditional schools, Teach for America has announced its new “ Special Education and Ability Initiative ,” a project led by veteran educator  28-year-old Rachel Brody , who has a whopping “six years of teaching and instructional coaching” experience.

The initiative will focus, in part, on expanding Teach For America’s regional special education advisory partnerships – to help both special and general educators have a greater impact on studentsThese* collaborations are critical for the communities in which Teach For America serves – according to the U.S Department of Education’s 2013 “Teacher Shortage” report, low-income communities across the nation suffer from a lack of special educators. (*Typo is as it appears on the TFA site.)

A week after Brody’s post appeared on TFA’s website, the organization’s CEO, Matt Kramer, published a Huff Post…

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Indiana schools worse than average for ‘discipline gap’



We have a problem here in Hoosierland….

Originally posted on School Matters:

Indiana schools are among the nation’s leaders in an unfortunate category: the rate at which they suspend and expel students of color. That’s according to the Civil Rights Data Collection report issued last month by the Department of Education.

The report includes extensive data for 2011-12 from nearly all U.S. public schools and highlights equity issues ranging from availability of preschool to distribution of experienced teachers to access to challenging high school courses.

Some of the starkest disparities were in school discipline. Black students faced out-of-school suspension and expulsion at three times the rate for white students. And in Indiana, the numbers were higher:

  • 27 percent of African-American boys were suspended or expelled: the second-highest rate in the nation, tied with Missouri. The national rate was 20 percent.
  • 17 percent of multiracial boys were suspended or expelled. That’s second in the nation, tied with North Carolina and behind Florida. The national rate was…

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A Colorado English Teacher Slams Common Core…



This letter spells out how teachers feel about this broken system. Pauline Hawkins echoes what I stated the other day–you just want to cry at this stupid, thoughtless system.

Originally posted on The Indignant Teacher:

…as well she should.

Pauline Hawkins came into the field of teaching just as NCLB got underway. Her recent blog post was also her resignation letter; it has gone viral. Whether you started your teaching career alongside Ms Hawkins, or even before NCLB, as I did, you know too well the harm that has come to our next generation….and continues to come, as long as this insanity keeps up. 

I would like to help spread Ms Hawkins’ eloquent and on-point letter…I hope you do, too.


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What if you would rather not have WiFi at the beach?


In what seems like a positive–having wifi in public spaces–perhaps is not so great…?

What if you’re going to the beach to get the hell away from “civilization” and find yet another intrusion of technology in a natural space…??

What if, like me, you’re heavy metal poisoned and react negatively to Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF) to the point of zapping your strength (think kryptonite), zapping the adrenals,  and making you nauseous to the point of wanting to throw up?  What if you’re prone to seizures?

I’m sitting here typing this, and the radio keeps giving me feedback….and I’m wondering why the hell is it doing that?  Is there a surge of EMF? If so, where is it coming from??

If you’re concerned about this, there are measures you can take to protect yourself from EMF’s.



…they’re only raping prostitutes…


That has to have been the mindset behind allowing these two to wear ankle bracelets after they had already cut them off once before.   All the victims appear to be prostitutes…and that is why the rapists can get away with it for so long, a la green river killer.

“I picked prostitutes as my victims because I hate most prostitutes and I did not want to pay them for sex,” Ridgway said in his confessional statement. “I also picked prostitutes as victims because they were easy to pick up without being noticed. I knew they would not be reported missing right away and might never be reported missing. I picked prostitutes because I thought I could kill as many of them as I wanted without getting caught.”

At least one-third of Ridgway’s female victims were girls and women of color, and the vast majority were under the age of 22. Ridgway, an extreme incarnation of a brutal misogynist, considered killing female prostitutes a “career.” He felt proud of what he did, and thought he was damn good at it.


It is outrageous that the police still treat these women as sub-human…probably even think they deserve what they get.

As the report explores…would Ridgway (Cano/Gordon/others) been able to get away with this if their victims were of a different class?  Would Ridgway and the rest have raped these women if they saw them as human beings–probably sexually abused as children..?

But it’s not just prostitutes that get raped and beaten…we’ve got a problem in this culture with still seeing women as second class.  We have a culture that embraces rape and violence against women….and the vulnerable….as I said before, we are all vulnerable at some point in our lives…

When do we stop it?  When do we stop applauding the promotion of misogyny and rape?