Spirituality and Rationality


(This blog is on spirituality, so if it’s not your thing…)

Dr. Carol Hand has one of the most stirring blogs on spirituality I’ve ever read.

I love, love, love, the Native American approach to spirituality–they don’t dictate to each other or complete strangers what they should believe or how they should worship. They worry more about their own spiritual path than others’.

When I was growing up, my belief was that the world could only know Peace if we were all Christians–hence the reason for missionaries and witnessing to others our beliefs.

It took my taking a class on religion in college to realize that despite what you might hear in the press or religious leaders, we aren’t that far apart in our beliefs.  As I’ve written about before, all religions have the eerily similar belief in treating others as you wish to be treated.  This was such a powerful discovery for me–as at this time, after my divorce and the turmoil that followed, I was questioning God’s existence.

Two things happened that brought me “back”–one is a dream I’ll keep private, and the other is my daughter going through a terrible time.  She made it through, although she still has “days” that I think are more related to the poison in her mouth (amalgams) than to anything else.

Anyway, Carol’s post highlights the Native American tradition of seeing women as connected directly to God by our ability to give life.  I love this.  The European tradition as seeing menstruation as “dirty” –something to be ashamed of, others see it as the blood that gives life to the growing baby.  As I wrote that, The Red Tent popped into my head.  Even though women were banished to the tent for menstruating, they had a wonderful camaraderie that is absent in our society today.    (Not only that, Big Pharma has developed a Pill to stop women from menstruating for three months (or more)…someone I knew was getting married and didn’t want to have her period on her wedding day….unbelievable.  God, how Big Pharma must hate women and their icky periods….)

Back on subject—

It does make sense to keep one’s visions to oneself–lest it create jealousy or judgment.  Wise.

This passage was powerful and reflected my own conclusions:

When I realize that the temptation to judge and compete with others is becoming too strong to resist, I look at the context and forces around me. Often I find that it’s time for me to change course, to be honest about what is my responsibility to do, and to simplify and refocus my life on what really matters on my path. I have a responsibility to do what I can in my thoughts and actions to end and prevent harm.  I have a responsibility to judge actions and their consequences, but I cannot judge or demonize others whose paths I can never know.


It is hard to resist those powerful urge to judge and compete with others…but if one truly follows the “do unto others..” it helps keep one on the right path.  After all, we can only control our own actions and reactions, not those of others.

Peace to you all.


Americans protests of Israel bombing/blockade


In New York City, protesters staged a “die-in” at an Israel bank.  The article is slanted towards Israel…saying that the protesters were siding with terrorists…so what else is new?

…people who kill innocent people cannot claim innocence nor can they claim to be the victim here.

NEB orders Enbridge to stop work on Manitoba pipeline

NEB orders Enbridge to stop work on Manitoba pipeline

Originally posted on Global News:

CALGARY – The National Energy Board has ordered Enbridge Inc. (TSX:ENB) to stop work along an oil pipeline in Manitoba because of safety and environmental concerns.

The federal energy watchdog says an inspection earlier this month on the company’s Line 3 pipeline, which runs between Alberta and Wisconsin, revealed numerous problems.

It says wetlands and agricultural land near Cromer, Man., were damaged and open excavations posed safety hazards.

Enbridge announced plans earlier this year to replace Line 3 in its entirety — a $7.5-billion undertaking that would be the largest project in the company’s history.

Company spokesman Graham White says the stop-work order was not related to that project, but to regular maintenance work on the existing 46-year-old pipeline.

White says the company has already started working on some of the issues raised by the NEB and that safety concerns will be dealt with immediately.

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The destruction of Gaza


Global News has photos up on the utter destruction of Gaza.  I can’t even imagine what they must feel like.  Well, I take that back–I do know how it feels to lose your home, but not by bombing.

My heart goes out to the Palestinian woman crying over losing her home.

The 7th photo shows an ambulance driver’s charred body from being hit by an Israeli rocket.  I’d like to see Netanyahu explain this away–he’ll say that the ambulance driver was a member of Hamas, I’m sure…./snarky to the extreme

Warning for the next photo–children who were bombed by Israel.  It is horrible.  I’m sure they were members of Hamas, as well/snark with disgust

Before, this, they were starving them.  Interfering with their ability to earn a living or blocking paychecks.  Now I learn that they were also restricting their water!  Water!

Do unto others as you would have done to you.

Blood on your hands, Israel.  Blood on your hands.


It’s worse than we thought–the NSA has nothing on this Ford exec


Wow.  Just wow.  Someone in the comments thought that she was using the recording devices to record meetings and then have them transcribed.  If you believe that, I have some oceanfront property in Indiana I want to sell you….

First of all, it’s illegal.

Second, it’s just paranoia to the extreme.

Is it just me, or has paranoia become an epidemic?  What happened to us?

Why have we lost our sense of right and wrong and boundaries?

Have we become that insecure? Why?



Nature leaves a calling card…


…just to let us know who’s in charge…

We had a powerful thunderstorm with lightening that cracked so loud I jumped two feet off the bed.  Seriously, it was the loudest (and closest) that I’ve ever experienced.

So, naturally, it took out the phone box in back, the phone box attached to the house, and cooked the router.  I’m typing from my sister’s pc, and I hate it, so I’m just here briefly.

This is another instance where having a land line is a lifesaver–because your internet can get knocked out just like *that*.

Hope you all are doing okay.

Watch out for those lightening strikes…heh.